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We believe in building students’ skills from the ground up, so our writing tutors will start by teaching your child the basics of good writing: how to structure sentences, organize ideas in paragraphs, and use supporting arguments to make a point.

Our Approach

During tutoring, your child will learn how to approach various types of writing so they’re prepared to tackle all types of assignments. We’ll focus on building their skills in the following areas:

  • Sentence structure: Our writing tutors teach students the underlying structure of sentences so they can write with clarity and choose appropriate sentence structures to communicate ideas in their writing.
  • Open-ended questions: Many students struggle to respond fully to open-ended questions so we teach students a simple, but effective, formula for answering these questions.
  • Paragraph writing: We teach students a visual paragraph structure to help ensure they’re making clear, well-supported arguments.
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and editing skills: By focusing on these skills, we take students’ writing to the next level by bringing more clarity and sophistication into their writing.
  • Research papers: Our approach to research papers involves planning, selecting evidence, organization, note-taking, and using research to craft an argument.
  • Parent of an 8th grader
    I just told my husband last night what a great decision it was to have our son do summer writing tutoring with you and how much he gained. His writing teacher this year told me in conferences that she had her husband read our son’s first essay because of how great it was.
    Parent of an 8th grader
  • Michelle, parent of a 12th grader
    Our tutor was fabulous! He taught Kevin more about grammar, punctuation, and writing than at least his three years in junior high! He also is unbelievably patient with a fantastic sense of humor. He helped with both ACT prep as well as college essays. My son really enjoyed working with his tutor.
    Michelle, parent of a 12th grader

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