What's a Reading Diagnostic? | Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring

What’s a Reading Diagnostic?

If we want a better handle on how a student approaches reading, we can’t just give one standardized test and be done with it. Therefore, we often go into students’ homes to conduct a multi-step reading diagnostic.

First, we have to make sure the student feels respected and that they are part of the evaluation.  Throughout the entire process, we share results with the student and give our immediate interpretation. Then we ask if they think it sounds right.  The student actually helps us figure out the “puzzle” of their reading skills.

Next, we have to administer a variety of tasks across our whole reading pyramid.  This includes skills in sounding out words, reading fluently, finding main ideas, and working with whole passages.

Finally, we don’t just score the student’s answers on these activities.  We watch what the student does as they work toward the answers.  We pay attention to attitude, strategies, frustration levels and more.  Observing the student working tells us just as much as the result of that work.