Take a Proctored Practice Test

If your child is going to take a full-length practice test, they might as well get the most out of it, right?

Completing a practice test with the guidance of a proctor will ensure that they stay focused, follow timing rules, and finish the test in one sitting! After the test, you’ll receive a detailed score report and tutoring recommendations.

Find test dates and times below, and register by clicking on the appropriate green button - one for Zoom proctoring, the other for in-person.

We offer three types of virtual proctored tests via Zoom with a live proctor:

  • small group for the ACT and SAT ($40)
  • small group for the HSPT, CPS, ISEE, and SSAT ($40)
  • 1:1 test ($100 for regular time; $175 for extended time accommodation)

Click here to register for a virtual proctored test!

We offer small group in-person tests for all test types at three locations:

  • small group for the ACT, SAT, HSPT, CPS*, ISEE, or SSAT ($75)—in La Grange, IL
  • small group for the ACT, SAT, HSPT, CPS*, ISEE, or SSAT ($75)—in Park Ridge, IL
  • small group for the ACT, SAT, HSPT, CPS*, ISEE, or SSAT ($75)—in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
*The CPS test is online-only at the Wicker Park and Park Ridge locations, so your child will need to bring a reliable laptop to the test location. At the La Grange location, the CPS test will be paper and pencil.

Click here to register for an in-person test!

Registration for small group virtual tests and in-person tests closes at 4:00 p.m. CST the Friday before the test!

If your child doesn't need the extra support of a proctor, but would still like to take a practice test at home, we’d be happy to send you one! For a pre-test, fill out this form. For mid- or post-tests for students currently working with Nurturing Wisdom, please contact your tutoring director so that we can be sure to send the correct test version.