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The Value of Summer Tutoring!

At Nurturing Wisdom, we love summer! The summer allows students to make a lot of progress without feeling the pressures of homework, quizzes, and tests during the school year, when students can feel like they’re always preparing for “the next big thing.” As such, they never get a chance to take a step back and work on all of the necessary foundational skills that will keep them ahead of the game. Summer is the perfect solution! It gives students the opportunity to make the following school year even stronger, while also incorporating topics that they have a true passion for, like creative writing or reading personally chosen books. Below, Lauren talks about her positive experience with one student she’s worked with for two summers.

Although we have a lot of great summer programs, my personal favorite happens to be our Math Bridge. I have worked with a lot of students on math over the summer, and the difference it makes during the following year’s math class is amazing. One student that comes to mind is Kate. I have been working with Kate for the last two years, including two summers. Each summer, we worked on math and the difference we saw was remarkable. When I first started with Kate, math was not her strongest subject. She also did not really enjoy math as much as she could have because it was so challenging to her. Over the past two years she has gone from being a C math student to a B+ math student. She has gained a great deal of confidence in math and has come to really enjoy it.

 Just a few weeks ago, she started a unit on concepts that we had covered last summer. During our session, she turned to me and said, “Oh, I remember this! We did this over the summer!” Instantly, this unit became easier for her because she was now seeing the concepts for a second time, making it more of a review. This moment really painted a clear picture about why summer tutoring is so important. In the short amount of time that Kate had spent working on math over the summer, she made progress that changed her entire seventh grade year in math.

I encourage every one of my students to do some type of tutoring over the summer. There are a number of options, and the benefits that students will see from summer tutoring during the school year are significant. I also find that my students truly enjoy summer tutoring and have fun during our sessions. The pieces that we incorporate into our customized plans are fun for the students and really allow them to “let loose” and work on skills in a laid back environment.

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