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The Road to Learning EF Skills

Here’s a secret I’m ashamed to admit: my mom swore I was going to drop out of college after my first semester. After receiving numerous tearful phone calls from me about my homework, work load, and grades, she just knew I’d be packing my bags and heading home because I simply couldn’t handle the honors program I was in.

Luckily, though, I stuck it out, and my second semester (and every semester thereafter) was much better. But, I had to learn a lot of skills, particularly executive functioning skills, during my first semester of college that I hadn’t learned in my previous years of school. It was a rude awakening for someone used to breezing through school.

I was the type of student who did incredibly well in school, but didn’t have to try very hard to do so. I did my homework, read my required assignments, studied some, and got a nearly perfect GPA throughout high school. I was even valedictorian of my high school class. Sounds like a perfect setup for me to enter and do well in college, right? I learned the hard way that this wasn’t the case.

The problem was that even though I was doing incredibly well in high school, I wasn’t learning the essential study skills that I needed to handle the workload I would encounter in college. Because school was fairly easy for me, I didn’t have to learn things like how to track and prioritize my assignments, how to study properly for tests, how to take effective notes, and how to make my own study guides in order to get the good grades I needed. The major downside to this was that I wasn’t learning the kinds of executive functioning skills that would help me for the rest of my academic career!

Unfortunately, there are many students like me out there. They are doing well now, but may struggle when times get tougher and assignments get harder in school. So, what can you do to help your child if he or she is like me? How can you prevent those tearful phone calls later on?

You can help your child start building these essential skills now, during a period of success, to get a good foundation. This will also help your child avoid having to “sink or swim” like I had to during college. Read more about our recommendations for this type of preventative medicine for executive functioning skills here.

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