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June 3, 2013
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August 26, 2013

The Right Match

right match Pari Schacht founderWhy are we so focused on finding the right match between tutor and student? It all started with Pari Schacht, Nurturing Wisdom’s founder (and now Founder and Head of School at Mission Montessori in San Francisco)! In her own words, she explains how finding the right match for each student became one of Nurturing Wisdom’s hallmarks.

Let me take you back to my high school physics class. My teacher had an amazing reputation and was revered by everyone at school. He was passionate about physics, enthusiastic, and clearly brilliant. Unfortunately for me, I never understood anything he taught. I felt confused and stupid. I struggled daily to pay attention and to complete the homework. Where did all of my efforts land me? A nice big D. Ultimately I decided I needed a change.

I transferred to a different class with an unknown teacher. This teacher was not nearly as engaging or enthusiastic. He had way less experience, but in just a few weeks, everything changed. I earned an A and was at the top of the class! My new teacher spoke my language. Although he didn’t have the amazing reputation of my first teacher, he was a much better fit for me. He saved me from an extremely frustrating experience and a D on my high school transcript. I will always be grateful!

Fast forward to when I was working as a teacher and received my first request for tutoring. The first student I ever tutored was not a good match for me. We just didn’t connect, and I think he would have benefitted much more from working with a tutor that he clicked with. Luckily I didn’t give up before I got my second student, Lisa. She ended up being a perfect fit. The impact I had on her education was one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve ever had as an educator. Lisa helped me fall in love with tutoring.

The right fit makes all the difference. Nurturing Wisdom tutors meet with all kinds of students who are struggling – whether it’s with math, physics, Latin, study skills, or standardized tests. When they’re matched with the right tutor, students make the most amazing transformations. They go from “I’m a terrible test taker” to offering to tutor their friends on how to take tests! It’s wonderful to see students gain both skills and confidence.

When it’s the right fit, tutoring is fun for the tutor and the student. Most importantly, tutoring is effective. This is why we put so much effort into finding the right tutor for each of our students.