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The PARCC Exam

All Illinois public school students take the PARCC to assess progress each school year. We can help students prepare for this challenging test in our 1:1, in home tutoring sessions.

Who takes the PARCC?

All third through eighth graders enrolled in Illinois public schools take the PARCC for both language arts and math. In high school, only one grade of students take the PARCC, generally freshman, although this may vary by school.

How often do students take the PARCC?

Students will take the PARCC test once each school year in late spring when the school year is 75% - 90% complete. Testing typically takes place over one to two weeks, although this can vary by school.

What is tested on PARCC?

The PARCC contains both multiple choice and open-ended questions which involve a high level of comprehension and analysis. The PARCC is designed as an online test, but a paper and pencil version is administered at some schools. The online version of the test also incorporates video and media.

What makes the PARCC tough?

In the English language arts exams, students are asked to answer questions about reading passages and write about what they have read. This is especially difficult because a set of questions follows each passage and builds upon the previous question; if a student answers the first question incorrectly, they will likely answer the other questions in the section incorrectly.

In the math exams, there are quite a few open-ended questions where students are asked to write in the correct answer. Many students find these types of questions more challenging than the multiple choice questions on most standardized tests.

How does Nurturing Wisdom prepare students for this test?

To prepare students for PARCC, we start with a pre-test. Based on the results of that test, we will fill in gaps in students’ knowledge, build their foundational skills and teach them new skills that we know will be tested. In addition, we will teach test-taking strategies and help them adapt those strategies to online testing if they will be taking the online version of the test.

Please contact us to learn more about how we prepare students for the PARCC exam and to get a customized tutoring plan for your child!