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The MAP Test

Uncertainty During COVID-19 Pandemic

Some of the information below will not apply to current seventh graders. CPS (and other districts) has cancelled the spring 2020 MAP, and we are waiting to hear whether or not students will take the test at a later date. Please give us a call to talk about the best plan for your child. For example, with this "extra" time, we can work on the academic skills vital to success not only on the MAP but any standardized test and in school as well!

Fast Facts About the NWEA MAP

  • The NWEA MAP test is a computer-based adaptive test used by both public and private schools to assess student progress over years of schooling.
  • Both reading and math skills are tested.
  • Students typically take the MAP several times throughout each school year.
  • The MAP is computer adaptive, making it hard to predict what kinds of questions a student will get on test day. If a student answers a question correctly, their next question will be more challenging; if they answer incorrectly, their next question will be easier.

The MAP for CPS Selective Enrollment High Schools Admissions

Over the past few years, Nurturing Wisdom has specialized in preparing Chicago seventh graders for the MAP. Why? It's a critical piece of the CPS admissions puzzle! The seventh grade MAP test counts as one-third of students’ admission into Chicago Selective Enrollment High Schools (300 points out of the 900-point admission system). A low MAP score will take students out of contention for many selective enrollment high schools, even if they have excellent seventh grade grades and a strong score on their admissions exam.

Preparation for the MAP

Nurturing Wisdom has extensive experience preparing students for the MAP! Our tutoring focuses on highly customized skill-building in math and reading. For math, we use tutoring techniques like looping to push kids to the highest possible level, which helps them to answer the most challenging questions they’ll encounter on the test. For reading, we teach students strategies to improve comprehension, retention, and their ability to select the correct answer.

It's important that students are comfortable with the structure of the MAP test, so that they feel prepared and confident for test day. Since MAP is taken on the computer, all in session practice questions and homework are also done on the computer. Additionally, our tutors teach students how to answer various types of questions, effectively use scratch paper, and approach an adaptive exam.

How to Get Started

All MAP students start by taking a reading and math pre-test. Our graders will hand-score the test and give you an analysis with personalized feedback and recommended areas of focus. We'll also put together a tutoring timeline outlining how much tutoring we recommend and goal scores. The best part? The pre-test, test analysis, and plan are free!

Contact us today to get a free pre-test or sign up for one of our proctored tests!

When to Get Started

  • Public School Students: Students attending CPS public schools take the MAP in the spring at their school. We recommend that public school students begin preparing for the MAP in January or February of their seventh grade year.
  • Private School Students: Students attending private schools also take the MAP in the spring of their seventh grade year. We recommend that these students begin preparing in January or February of seventh grade.
  • Students Outside of Chicagoland: We've tutored test prep students from New York to Texas to California! We'd love to learn about how your district uses the scores for high school admissions so that we can create a customized tutoring plan for your child.

Why Nurturing Wisdom

Nurturing Wisdom's one-on-one, in-home tutoring goes beyond just helping your child get a great score. With a strong tutor match, your child will look forward to tutoring sessions, follow through on independent work, and become a more confident learner.

We're here to support parents as well! Your tutoring director will help you navigate through the MAP testing process by putting together an optimal timeline, keeping you posted on progress, reminding you of important deadlines, and answering any questions you have along the way.