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Specific Strategies Make a Difference!

MelissaMelissa has helped several ACT students reach and surpass their goal scores through her thoughtful and tailored teaching of the Nurturing Wisdom ACT lessons. Below she shares what makes our approach unique:

When I was first asked to tutor the ACT, I was a little nervous about my ability to do so effectively. Since my background is in elementary education, I didn’t think I had the qualifications necessary to tutor a high school test. However, once I became familiar with Nurturing Wisdom’s ACT curriculum, I grew more and more excited about tutoring test prep students, and my confidence grew, too.

My favorite part about our curriculum is that we have strategies specific to each section of the ACT rather than a generic list of strategies to be used throughout the entire test. This helps students become familiar with the test format and types of questions and answers. The specific strategies also put the students in control of the test, which helps ease their nerves.

When working with my students, I focus on how our strategies make taking the ACT so much easier. I share my experience of taking the ACT when I was in high school without knowing any strategies. Now that I know what I was missing, I think back and wonder, “What the heck was I doing as I took that test?!” It’s important to me that my students know that if I had done ACT tutoring, I would have approached the test differently and seen better results. Getting my students to buy into our strategies and see how well they work when used correctly is my number one goal during each of my sessions.

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