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Our Approach

We get such great results because our tutoring is customized to each student’s needs. Our proven curriculum is also comprehensive, helping students develop skills across four important areas: test-taking strategies, timing strategies, overcoming test anxiety, and overall academic skills.

ACT Tutoring

Students who complete our ACT tutoring see an average increase of 5 points from their pre-test to their final test.

We’ve helped hundreds of students get into their top-choice schools, gain scholarships, and increase their overall confidence by teaching active test-taking strategies. After students take a pre-test, we put together a plan to maximize their score.

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SAT Tutoring

Not only do our SAT students see great score increases, they also gain confidence and strengthen their academic skills.

We’ve helped hundreds of students get into their top choice schools by teaching active test-taking strategies. We're well-versed in the SAT and can help your child navigate this challenging test!

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High School Entrance Test Prep

We help students lay a strong foundation of test-taking skills that will help them get into competitive high schools.

We help students prepare for the following high school entrance tests:

  • The HSPT for Catholic high schools
  • The SSAT and ISEE for independent high schools
  • The CPS Test for selective Chicago public high schools
  • The EXPLORE/Aspire for public high school class placement
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Achievement Tests & 7th Grade Tests

We take the mystery out of standardized tests, helping students feel more prepared and confident on test day.

Our achievement test students learn more than test-taking strategies; they also improve their math, reading, and vocabulary skills.

For students seeking admissions into selective high schools, 7th grade achievement tests can be very important. We can help you make sense of the complicated admissions processes at these schools.

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Online Tutoring

We can provide your child the same 1:1, customized tutoring our in-person students receive.

Are you outside of Chicago or San Francisco? We can still help! We work with many students online, for both test prep and academic tutoring. As with our in-person tutoring, you’ll work closely with a tutoring director to set goals, find the best tutor fit, and monitor progress.

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Become a Smarter Test-Taker

Talks & Workshops

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