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Our Approach

We’ve prepared thousands of students around the world for high stakes standardized tests. Their improved scores have helped them gain admission to their top choice schools, earn scholarships, and perform better in school!

Individualized instruction is the key to your child’s success. Starting with a diagnostic pre-test, we’re able to tailor lessons to their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and timeline. During tutoring sessions, your child will develop skills across four important areas: test-taking strategies, academic skills, timing strategies, and anxiety reduction. They’ll have many opportunities to independently practice what they’re learning on homework and practice tests.

Customized, one-to-one test prep is an excellent fit for students with learning differences like ADHD, autism, processing disorders, and specific learning disabilities. We also have experience supporting gifted and twice exceptional students.

The following tests are what students most often prep for, but we’ve tutored for nursing exams, teacher tests, and school-specific tests, too. So if you don’t see your test on the list, give us a call!

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  • Heather, parent of a junior
    Her score went up by 6 points which was amazing, but more importantly was how our tutor did it. He was patient and positive throughout. He was always available for questions and support. He focused on my daughter, but kept in contact with me as well.
    Heather, parent of a junior
  • Susanna, parent of an 8th grader
    I was really impressed. I really love the breakdown you provide after the initial round of practice testing. It helps set the stage and give parents and child a good sense for what all of the numbers and percentages mean.
    Susanna, parent of an 8th grader
  • Mandi, parent of an 8th grader
    Our tutor is an amazing ray of sunshine. She always came to the house with fantastic energy and ready to work. She had a great knack to getting Ryder back on track without getting frustrated. We 100% believe that your tutoring support gave Ryder the confidence he needed to get into hit first-choice high school. We are thrilled with the experience!
    Mandi, parent of an 8th grader
  • Parent of an 8th grader
    We absolutely loved our tutor! She was a perfect match for our daughter. She was so calm and reassuring every single session and really put our daughter at ease. I really appreciate how you take the time to learn about each child’s learning style and personality. You’ve always made great matches for all three of my children!
    Parent of an 8th grader
  • Susan, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutoring director was so helpful in guiding us to plan a timeline for our son's prepping and taking the ACT. Since he's our oldest we have no experience with when to ideally take, tutor, and retake the ACT to maximize performance. She has helped us to alter our plans as the ACT test dates continue to change in order to develop the best plan moving forward for our son.
    Susan, parent of an 11th grader
  • C.L., parent of an 8th grader
    Our tutor was just the best! She helped my son gain focus and confidence for taking all the high school placement exams, and that was a feat! She was always punctual, and really engaged with him to make the process of 'tutoring' feel less tedious for him. Can't say enough good things about her. Our tutoring director was thorough in her explanation of the company services, and she has been responsive whenever I have questions.
    C.L., parent of an 8th grader
  • Sarah, parent of high schoolers
    Our tutor has been a pleasure, and we appreciate his expertise in helping to prepare our son for the ACT. His calm demeanor is a welcome element in this otherwise stressful point in time. He's been highly responsive and supportive in everything from scheduling logistics to answering questions about test strategy and content. We value him so much that he's now working with our other high school student on geometry.
    Sarah, parent of high schoolers
  • Paige, 11th grader
    I had a great experience with my tutor! She was extremely nice and helpful, and she always kept me on track. I also really appreciated how quick she was to respond to any questions I had over text. I have absolutely no complaints. My overall experience was great. I love how organized the company is and how structured it is to fit any student of any level.
    Paige, 11th grader
  • Courtney, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutor has been wonderful. She tutored our daughter for her ACT and has been helping with college essays. Our daughter's ACT score went up 5 points, so we think she knows what she is doing! We have been SO happy that we came across Nurturing Wisdom. The emails we get are spot on, the services offered are extremely professional and applicable for our high schoolers, and we will not hesitate to engage with them as needed for our other two girls.
    Courtney, parent of an 11th grader
  • Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader
    We say this with extreme sincerity: had it not been for our tutor, Connor would have struggled on the HSPT test. We feel that Nurturing Wisdom went above and beyond to prepare Connor for such an important test. We hope that other parents who view this critical step with such high importance also choose Nurturing Wisdom.
    Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader
  • Casey, parent of a 10th grader
    Our tutoring director was very professional, very on point. She followed up immediately with all aspects of my daughter’s tutoring. The pre-test results are the most fascinating part of this whole “project.” Being able to distill the ACT down by subject/question/content makes the entire test achievable.
    Casey, parent of a 10th grader
  • Melissa, parent of 11th graders
    We have used NW with our other three children so it was a no-brainer to reach out again to NW for our twins. You all teach them strategies for test taking, but it also teaches them to 'read between the lines' in life also. Whether it is current news or trying to get along with a roommate or colleague, these are important lessons.
    Melissa, parent of 11th graders
  • Donielle, parent of high schoolers
    Both my son, Matt, and daughter, Maggie, absolutely LOVE their tutor. We have had an amazing experience and we would (and have) recommended her to our friends. Our tutoring director is terrific! She sends reminders not just about tutoring but about the tests themselves. As a busy mom I love the fact that she reminds me about registering for a test or that the test is coming up!
    Donielle, parent of high schoolers
  • Cynthia and Jim Patti, parents of high schoolers
    We continue to be really pleased with Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring. We have used NW tutors now for our two oldest children and have been very impressed with the tutors we’ve been matched with and the resulting ACT scores. The process, from initial introduction and tutor assignment to practice tests and scheduling, was very seamless and customer-focused. In our case, both children raised their scores significantly. We believe in the program and will definitely be back to Nurturing Wisdom when it is time for our third child to prepare for the ACT.
    Cynthia and Jim Patti, parents of high schoolers
  • Darla, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutor was very encouraging to my daughter and motivated her to try hard. She never said anything negative and always gave my daughter hope that she could get a really good ACT score. She seemed very excited about what she was doing which gave my daughter more motivation, too. She used their time very well, and their sessions always went until the last minute. She helped my daughter raise her ACT score quite a bit! I will pursue additional tutoring with my son because of the great experience with my daughter.
    Darla, parent of an 11th grader
  • Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader
    As parents, we want the best for our children. So when we make such a critical decision on who will best serve the tutoring needs for our child, we'd better be right the first time, and we were - it was Nurturing Wisdom. We knew from the minute we signed that we hit a home run. This feeling first came about when we spoke with Connor's tutor. He was an absolute professional who really knows how to convey his talent on strategic and quality test-taking. I was impressed with how he explained to Connor the importance of the test-taking strategies for each subject. He showed Connor how to tackle math equations in ways he was never taught.
    Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader
  • Parent of an 8th grader
    Our son was very skeptical about his odds of getting into the high school of his choice, St. Ignatius College Prep, after having taken the practice test and performing well below his normal standards. We were told of the tutoring program offered through Nurturing Wisdom and spoke to several parents who explained how much it helped their child, so we decided to enroll our son in their program. We were very pleased with his tutor and his style of teaching our son how to take this specific exam and what methods to implement to help him score high. As a result, he took the exam and was accepted into St Ignatius College Prep! We are extremely happy with our investment in his tutoring through Nurturing Wisdom and would recommend their program to anyone in our situation!
    Parent of an 8th grader
  • Amy, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutor has been a great fit for our son. He is very focused, experienced, and thorough. He arrives at each session promptly and very well-prepared. He stays strong and clear the full two hours and has built our son's test-taking endurance. Our son has responded well to the lessons and has improved his SAT score.
    Amy, parent of an 11th grader
  • Aunt of a 12th grader
    After our experiences, I would recommend Nurturing Wisdom to anyone. We appreciate our tutor’s excellent work with Rahul. He has learned study skills and gained confidence in his abilities that will serve him well in college. And he's already been accepted to some colleges with generous merit and need-based financial offers!
    Aunt of a 12th grader
  • Kelly, Parent of an Online Tutoring Student
    We could not have been more pleased with the tutoring at Nurturing Wisdom. From the pre-tutoring interview to learn what type of student/learner my daughter is to the tutoring itself, this program is top-notch. Although we were a little nervous to use a tutor online, that aspect was a non-issue. Overall, my daughter was so prepared for the ACT, and her score showed that preparedness. Nurturing Wisdom knows what they are doing and we highly recommend them!  
    Kelly, Parent of an Online Tutoring Student
  • Andrea, parent of an 8th grader
    We can't say enough positive things about our tutor. He is reliable, patient, flexible, smart, hard-working, and makes tutoring as fun as it can be! We love that he has an easygoing style while also being very committed to covering necessary content. We've seen terrific gains attributable to our tutor’s efforts. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Andrea, parent of an 8th grader
  • Deanna, parent of an 8th grader
    Nurturing Wisdom was recommended by our school. I have to say I have been so happy with our overall experience—from the beginning of discussing my needs for my son to our current tutoring. Our tutoring director was always so respectful and caring. Nurturing Wisdom is an amazing company that will listen and help get the right fit for each child's needs! Going through high school testing is hard enough. When your child feels lost and unsure of how to handle testing, Nurturing Wisdom definitely prepares them for it.
    Deanna, parent of an 8th grader
  • Kristi, parent of an 8th grader
    My eighth grade daughter has been tutoring this fall in preparation for the HSPT in December. They hit it off right away on the first day. Our tutor is a friendly, patient, funny, kind, outgoing, genuine, intelligent person who has been extremely easy for my daughter to work with. We really love our tutor and cannot say enough positive things about her!
    Kristi, parent of an 8th grader
  • Michelle, parent of a 12th grader
    Our tutor was fabulous! He taught Kevin more about grammar, punctuation, and writing than at least his three years in junior high! He also is unbelievably patient with a fantastic sense of humor. He helped with both ACT prep as well as college essays. My son really enjoyed working with his tutor.
    Michelle, parent of a 12th grader
  • Tenah, parent of an 8th grader
    You have helped my daughter in so many ways. Her confidence, grades, and test scores increased beyond our expectations, especially the test scores in only a couple of weeks. Thank you! Thank you so, so much! I have a happy, confident child entering high school.
    Tenah, parent of an 8th grader
  • Parent of a junior
    I want to let you know how you and your tutors changed the lives of my children. You were crucial in helping my daughter study for the ACT. Due to a chronic illness, she missed six weeks of school in her junior year and needed some extra help. She raised her ACT score from a 24 to a 30 and was able to get into her #1 college!
    Parent of a junior
  • Parent of a senior
    Our daughter's improvement on the ACT increased her scholarship money by $4,000 per year! I am already "prepping" my high school freshman to expect ACT tutoring from Nurturing Wisdom! Your approach works! Thanks so much for everything. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.
    Parent of a senior