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Tackling Test Anxiety

frustrated girl studyingBelow, Melissa, tutor for Nurturing Wisdom, shares her story about dealing with test anxiety and helping students overcome this obstacle. 

When I was in middle school and high school, I was the type of student that always did my homework and spent more hours than I should have studying for quizzes and tests. Although I always spent more time than most of my peers preparing for tests, I never seemed to do as well as I thought I should have considering the hours I had spent studying.

Before a test in class, I would prepare as much as I could, but the second I was handed a test, I became very nervous and all that information vanished. Instead of focusing on the test material, I kept worrying about how I was going to do and how it would affect my grades. This feeling was even worse when I took standardized tests, such as a high school entrance test and the ACT.

If your child struggles with these types of issues like I did, he/she may have test anxiety. Nurturing Wisdom treats overcoming test anxiety just as they treat tutoring for other academic areas; it’s a skill that needs to be taught and practice. Coping with test anxiety is also something we integrate into our test preparation programs. We have specific lessons that our tutors complete with their students alongside their test taking strategies.

Now as a tutor, I’ve been able to help students overcome the very issue I struggled with throughout school. Jessica was the first student I helped overcome test anxiety. She did great both during our sessions and on her homework.  When it was time for her to take her first test, I was confident she was going to surpass her goal score. But, after she took the test, she told me that the test didn’t seem as easy as it had during our sessions. She said that over half way through, she realized she hadn’t been using her strategies.  She then started to panic and couldn’t comprehend anything she was reading.  Her observations were consistent with her scores.  When she got her first test results back, her score hadn’t improved from her pre-test.

After it became clear that Jessica had test anxiety, we started incorporating Nurturing Wisdom’s test anxiety strategies into tutoring, and this work paid off.  When Jessica took her final real test, she passed her goal score by two points!

The best part, though, is that these test anxiety strategies helped Jessica even beyond preparing for the ACT.  After learning how to manage her test anxiety, she approached tests in school more confidently, and her grades started to accurately reflect how much she had studied and how well she knew the material.

Learn more about our test anxiety program and how we can help your child reach his/her potential!