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Summer Tutoring

At Nurturing Wisdom, we love summer! Away from the busyness of the school year, summer is the perfect time for students to take a step back and work on the foundational skills that will help them start the new school year strong.

Our most popular one-on-one summer tutoring programs include:

Summer Reading and Writing Program

For grades 3 and up

Take your child’s reading and writing to the next level! We help students read more effectively through the process of writing about what they read. Based on your child’s needs, we’ll customize the plan to include practice in specific areas, such as fluency, vocabulary, editing, and note-taking.

Math Bridges

For grades 3 and up

In this program, we identify gaps in your child’s math skills that are holding them back, fill in those gaps, and preview math content for the upcoming year. Students who have completed a math bridge go into their next math class feeling confident and prepared!

Executive Functioning

For grades 5 and up

Learning how to organize materials, manage time, take notes, and develop a growth mindset is just as important as learning content. We'll teach these skills using high-interest materials and assignments. You'll be amazed by their new independence!

Passion Project

For grades 2 and up

Your child will develop their reading, writing, research, and executive functioning skills through exploring a favorite topic. Customized tutoring sessions will culminate in a creative final project showcasing your child's passion!

Tutoring For Primary Students

For grades K-2

In our fun and flexible elementary school tutoring program, we’ll use interactive hands-on activities to practice fundamental skills, such as phonics, reading, writing, and math. Students stay active, engaged, and sharp over the summer so that they’re ready for the new school year.

College Application Essays

For high school seniors

We help students develop college-level writing skills through the process of completing their college application essays. Getting a head start on these essays over the summer helps students avoid the stress of working on them during the busy senior year, and frees up time for them to enjoy their last year of high school.

Summer School Support

For grades 6 and up

Will your child be in school this summer? As always, our tutors are available for all academic subjects to help your child succeed in their summer school classes. We can even work on building executive functioning skills!

Creative Writing

For grades 5 and up

This fun and interactive program encourages creativity and imagination and provides plenty of opportunities to write! Students learn the key tools they need to effectively tell compelling stories and make their words come alive.

Test Prep

We prepare high school students for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests for admission to college, and we also prepare grade school students for high school entrance tests like the HSPT, SSAT, ISEE, CPS Selective Enrollment exam, and more.

Getting started on test prep over the summer is a very effective use of your child’s time. Not only will they be preparing for the big test, they’ll also be working on keeping their skills sharp over the summer in preparation for next school year!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can develop a customized tutoring plan to help your child accomplish their goals this summer, please contact us!

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