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Summer Tutoring

We love summer because it gives us a chance to engage with students in a whole different way!

Summer Your Way

Unburdened by school-year demands and tight schedules, we’re able to slow down or accelerate, catch up or get ahead, buckle down or stretch out. Depending on your child’s needs and goals, we’ll tailor a summer learning experience that will leave them feeling accomplished, confident, and ready for what’s next!

Summer scheduling is flexible and can work around vacations, camps, and summer jobs. Whether your child needs weekly sessions through the summer or just a handful of meetings over a few weeks, we'll make the most of their time. We offer open-ended plans as well as summer packages.

Below are our 1:1 summer tutoring options for students of all ages (learn about tutoring with a friend here). If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us to see what we can customize for you! 

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