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Summer Small Group Enrichment Classes

This summer will be unlike any other, no doubt about it. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Joining other students and a tutor will offer your child a unique opportunity to learn and connect!

For Your Child, For You

We know this spring was tough, and you may be tempted to toss learning for the summer. Before you do, take a look at the fun classes we're offering incoming fourth through ninth graders this summer! These Zoom sessions give students a chance to develop new skills and meet other kids their age. There's something in it for you, too: your child will be occupied for an hour and a half multiple days in a row! (We also offer 1:1 summer tutoring options.)

How It Works

Each live online class of 3-6 students runs for two weeks. During that two weeks, students meet in the morning or afternoon for 1.5 hour sessions Monday through Thursday. We're offering three terms - your child is welcome to participate in different classes from term to term!

  • Term 1: June 15 - 25
  • Term 2: July 13 - 23
  • Term 3: July 27 - August 6

Below are the online class descriptions. To see specific class times and to register, click the green button!

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Beginning Spanish

grades 4-5 and grades 6-7

There's a specific joy that comes with speaking a new language! Learning, speaking, and listening with others is an ideal way to pick up language skills. Each day, students will participate in a variety of games and activities designed to actively engage them in the development of basic Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills.

Summer Stories

grades 4-5, grades 6-7, grades 8-9

This class will bring stories to life by pairing engaging short fiction selections with fun activities, games, and daily live discussions. Through reading and sharing amazing stories, readers will discover new connections, improve their vocabulary and critical thinking skills, and have a great time! There will be some independent between-session work for this class, and a book purchase is required.

Creative Writing

grades 4-5, grades 6-7, grades 8-9

Developing writers will find their voice in this class. They'll learn how to create dynamic characters, craft a compelling plot, and hook their readers. By the end of the term, each writer will complete their own short story! There will be some independent between-session work for this class.


grades 6-7 and grades 8-9

This class is a perfect fit for students wanting to exercise their persuasive muscles while engaging with peers and discovering the art of rhetoric. Students will learn basic elements of presentation, study some of history's most influential speeches, and write and deliver original work pertaining to their interests.

Create a Country

grades 6-7 and grades 8-9

Students will study the elements that make up a country, and then create their own! During class, the group will examine economic and political systems and explore all aspects of a nation's culture, from its history to its food, and fashion to sports. With that knowledge, each student will then develop their own country and persuade their classmates to visit - or even move there! There will be some independent between-session work for this class.

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