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Summer ‘Comp Comp’ Program Helps Students at All Stages of Writing Development

alyssaAlyssa Coburn, expert tutor and Curriculum Director, has tutored students of various ages and ability levels. One of Alyssa’s favorite tutoring programs is Comprehension through Composition (Comp Comp). Below she shares her experience tutoring Comp Comp with two students.

 One of the things I love about tutoring Comp Comp is that I can tailor it to fit the needs of each student. Last summer, I tutored the same Comp Comp program with two very different students. One student, Annie*, was gifted, whereas the other student, Jessica*, had learning disabilities. Despite their differences, both students were able to learn so much from the same program.

Annie and I were easily able to get through the entire curriculum because she picked up on concepts and strategies quickly. Since she initially had some difficulty with her paragraph structure, we focused on using a graphic organizer to help her structure her writing, which she really enjoyed and quickly became very good at using.  Annie also had trouble finding strong evidence to support her ideas, so we focused on skills like quote integration and paraphrasing. My challenge with Annie was keeping her challenged, so I had to move quickly through material and continue adding new skills each week to help Annie become a more advanced writer. I’m working with Annie again this summer, and she told me that the skills she learned in Comp Comp were really helpful for her reading and writing assignments in school this year!

With Jessica, we took a little longer to work through the Comp Comp lessons.  I had to slow down and use a lot of repetition and practice to make sure Jessica truly mastered each writing concept. Although Jessica always had fantastic ideas to write about, she struggled getting them down on paper.  We focused on strategies for organizing her paragraphs, which helped her more fully develop her ideas. At the end of the summer, her confidence had grown, and she was able to use her new skills on her own to complete her schoolwork. In fact, we saw a marked improvement in her writing during the school year!

It’s not too late to begin Comp Comp this summer! Contact us for more information on how we can help your child succeed to his or her fullest potential next school year!

*This name has been changed to respect the students’ privacy.