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Summer Tutoring

We love summer because it gives us a chance to engage with students in a whole different way!

Free to Take Off

Unburdened by school-year demands and tight schedules, we’re able to slow down or accelerate, catch up or get ahead, buckle down or stretch out. Depending on your child’s needs and goals, we’ll tailor a summer learning experience that will leave them feeling accomplished, confident, and ready for what’s next!

Below are brief descriptions of our 1:1 summer tutoring options for students of all ages (learn about tutoring with a friend here). If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call to see what we can do for you! Oh, and we can schedule around vacations, camps, and summer jobs—whether you're looking for sessions all summer long, or a couple of intensive weeks.

Math Bridge

At some point during the school year, most students wish they could hit pause on their math class and relearn some of the concepts they just didn’t get the first (or second) time around. In our math bridge, we get to do that! We’ll identify gaps in your child’s math skills that are holding them back, fill in those gaps, and preview math content for the upcoming year. Students who complete a math bridge go into their next math class feeling confident and prepared! If you're interested in enrichment, we can do that, too.

Reading and Writing

Working on reading and writing skills in tandem leads to a deeper understanding of text and a solid grasp of writing as a process—something that eludes many children! We'll help your child improve their comprehension skills, and also teach them how to think critically and respond meaningfully in writing.

Based on your child’s needs, we’ll customize the plan to include practice in specific areas, such as phonics, fluency, vocabulary, editing, and note-taking. The program can also spotlight a certain kind of reading and writing, like literature or research.

Passion Project

Your child’s interests can drive summer tutoring! With a passion project, they’ll explore a favorite topic and create a final project to show off what they’ve learned. Along the way they’ll develop their reading, writing, research, and executive functioning skills. During past summers, our students have had fun learning about everything from pirates to dance to fashion!

World Languages

Whether your second grader is starting their language learning adventure, or your high schooler needs support as they become immersed, summer language learning will take them far. They'll practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills to gain in-depth knowledge. We'll incorporate games and technology to keep it fun!

Creative Writing

It seems that kids rarely get to do creative writing after elementary school, so we’re thrilled to offer them this fun and interactive writing program! Your child will learn how to develop story elements like setting and characters so that they can craft compelling tales. Along the way, they’ll also brush up on grammar and punctuation skills.

Test Prep

Getting started on test prep over the summer is a very effective use of your child’s time. Once school starts, the real test is here before you know it! Summer work allows plenty of time to address content, strategies, timing, and anxiety. In addition, they’ll keep their skills sharp, making everything easier once school starts back up. All this, and they’ll still have time for summer fun!

We prepare high school students for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests for admission to college, and we also prepare grade school students for high school entrance tests like the HSPT, SSAT, ISEE, CPS Selective Enrollment exam, and more.

Executive Functioning

If your child fumbled through the past year with a perpetually messy backpack, late (or never finished) homework, or little ownership of their learning, executive functioning tutoring will turn things around! Learning how to organize materials, manage time, take notes, and develop a growth mindset is just as important as learning content.

Investing time in developing executive functioning skills over the summer will serve your child well beyond the next school year. We'll teach skills using high-interest materials and assignments so that your child finds the strategies that work best for them. You'll be amazed by their new independence!

Summer School Support

Summer school classes often progress at lightning speed! A tutor will help your child stay on track while mastering content. In addition to providing academic support for any subject, we’ll likely work in some executive functioning skills along the way.

This type of tutoring is great for college students, too. We’ve had students meet in person with tutors over the summer and then continue working together over Zoom once they go back to school.

College Application Essays

These essays can be daunting! Focused work before senior year begins—and with the help of a tutor who understands what colleges want to see—results in polished essays that will set your child apart. Not only will they be able to cross this task off their college admission to-do list, they’ll also be able to produce better writing assignments for school.

Another welcome side effect: letting someone else (i.e. not you) direct the process and offer constructive criticism tends to result in better essays and a calmer household!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can develop a customized tutoring plan to help your child accomplish their goals this summer, please contact us!

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