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Social Studies

If your child is having trouble in a social studies class, it's likely because they need to strengthen their reading, writing, or executive functioning skills. A tutor will customize instruction to meet your child's specific needs!

Our Approach

Even though social studies classes involve fascinating stories and concepts, students can get lost in all the dates, facts, vocabulary, and sheer amount of information. One-to-one in-person and online tutoring sessions can help your child appreciate the big picture, identify the details, and connect the dots. A tutor will also assist your child with the executive functioning side of class: staying on top of homework, planning long-term projects, taking book and lecture notes, studying, and asking for help.

We use a variety of strategies to help students engage with the material in their classes:

  • Active reading strategies, such as annotating and finding the story, help students stay tuned in while reading dense material and grasp the big ideas. Kids also learn how to manage the large volume of reading common to social studies classes.
  • Note-taking strategies provide students with a method to recognize and concisely record the most important information. Good notes also serve as an excellent study aide!
  • Writing strategies give students a way to approach what can be overwhelming assignments. Knowing how to structure the essay, choose and integrate evidence, and present a compelling conclusion also strengthen understanding of the material.
  • Study strategies deepen comprehension, build confidence, and save time. Interactive and targeted techniques combined with a study routine make tough classes much more manageable!
  • Test-taking strategies give students the ability to show what they know regardless of the test format. We also include techniques to help reduce anxiety before and during tests.

From Elementary to College Classes

We're able to support students in a variety of social studies courses, including AP and college-level. Here are some of the most popular classes we tutor:

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