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Social Studies

Our social studies tutors are experts in their subjects and committed to helping your child master and enjoy their social studies classes!

Our Approach

We use a variety of strategies to help students master the material in their classes, including:

  • Active reading strategies, such as annotating and identifying the main idea, help students navigate difficult passages and stay engaged while reading dense material.
  • Using our note taking strategies, students learn how to concisely express the most important details of what they’ve read so that their notes are clear, well-structured, and easy to study from.
  • Our writing strategies help students with their writing assignments and strengthen their understanding of the material.
  • Students learn test taking strategies that will allow them to show their mastery of the material on tests and quizzes.

Social Studies Classes We Tutor

Our tutors have helped students in a variety of social studies classes, from elementary level to AP, including:

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