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Which schools are considered “Selective Enrollment”?

What’s on the Selective Enrollment exam?

The exact content of the exam is kept secret, but the content overlaps with the other high school entrance tests that we tutor. Since most students find the Selective Enrollment exam the easiest of the high school entrance tests, we have found that preparing for the HSPT or ISEE prepares students for this test. We comprehensively review concepts in mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language arts so that students are prepared for this test regardless of content.

When should my child start tutoring?

We strongly recommend that students begin tutoring for these tests during the summer before eighth grade. Our cutoff for CPS Exam tutoring is in October of 8th grade.

Can students with IEPs get accommodations on this test?

Students with an existing IEP can receive accommodations such as extended time if they have an IEP on file with the Office of Access and Enrollment. To qualify to take the CPS Exam, a student with an IEP or 504 must have a total of 10 on their combined reading and math stanines from seventh grade.

What other factors affect a student’s chances of admissions into these schools?

The following are also important factors in admissions:

  • The socio-economic level represented by the student’s zip code.
  • There is also a “Principal’s Discretion” program that allows a few students to be accepted by alternate methods.
  • Race and attendance are no longer used as factors in admissions.

How do I apply to a selective enrollment school?

  1. Parents pick up an application at a selective enrollment high school or request one by calling the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or applying online.
  2. Parents fill out the application and select up to six selective enrollment high schools to apply to. Parents should list the schools in their child’s order of preference. Each student will be accepted into only one school.
  3. If the student meets all the selection criteria, he or she will be assigned a test date on a Saturday in December, January or February. You cannot choose a test date, but you can block out certain dates.
  4. The results of the selection process are mailed in the last week of February.

Read our explanation of how CPS schools group students into economic “tiers” as part of their admissions process.