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Science tutors are experts in their subjects and enthusiastic about helping your child explore concepts and develop skills!

Our Approach

Truly learning science involves more than memorizing vocabulary words and formulas. In 1:1 in-person or online sessions, a tutor can break down complex material and concepts so that your child has a thorough understanding of the topic. The math, technical reading, and note-taking involved in science classes trip up some students, and a tutor will help them sharpen and integrate those skills, too.

Science is all about being curious, making connections, and thinking critically. It's not unusual for kids to breeze through grade school science and then struggle at some point in high school. It's important that they learn how to learn, study, and make the most of mistakes.

These strategies help students take a more holistic approach to understanding concepts:

  • Active reading strategies, such as annotating and identifying the main idea, guide students through difficult passages and keep them engaged while reading dense material.
  • Note-taking strategies enable students to concisely express the most important details of what they’ve read so that their notes are clear, well-structured, and easy to study.
  • Test taking strategies allow them to show their mastery of the material on tests and quizzes (and often serve them well in other classes!).
  • Self-advocacy skills put students in charge of their learning. When they check in regularly with teachers, ask questions, and find resources to deepen their learning, their grades will reflect the effort!

Science Classes

Expert tutors can help students achieve success in elementary, middle school, high school, and college science classes, including:

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