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The SAT10, IOWA, and TerraNova

Let us help your 3rd to 8th grader master the material covered on these tests, so they feel confident and prepared on test day!


The Stanford10 (SAT10), IOWA, and TerraNova are achievement tests given by private elementary and middle schools. They are designed to measure what a student learned in a given school year. Most schools give these tests one to two times each school year.

Our Approach to the SAT10, IOWA, and TerraNova

Our tutors focus heavily on skill building, with an emphasis on filling in gaps in students’ knowledge, building their foundational skills, and teaching them new skills. Test taking strategies specific to each question type are also integrated into each tutoring session. What sets our approach apart, however, is our additional focus on test anxiety and timing (for timed tests). These are equally important to a student's success! For example, we've seen students who've mastered their reading and math skills, only to be derailed by crippling test anxiety. Our tutors use proven test-anxiety strategies that will help students stay calm, cool, and collected during the test!

Test Sections

At Nurturing Wisdom, we prepare students for the reading, math, language, vocabulary, and spelling sections of the tests:

  • Reading: We take a hands-on approach to the reading section, teaching reading comprehension strategies, question-answering techniques, and timing strategies.
  • Mathematics: On the math section, we individualize for each student, focusing on skills that particular student struggles with, as well as techniques for deconstructing word problems.
  • Language: Our tutors teach students the picky grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure skills tested on the language section.
  • Vocabulary: On this section, we teach strategies for how to approach unfamiliar vocabulary, as well as strategies for how to discern between two similar answer choices.
  • Spelling: We introduce an overall approach to the spelling section, maximizing each student's prior spelling knowledge.

Why Nurturing Wisdom

Nurturing Wisdom goes beyond just helping your child get a great test score. With a strong tutor match, your child will look forward to tutoring sessions and become a more confident and independent learner. Your tutoring director is here to help and will walk you through every step of the process. They will help you put together an optimal timeline, keep you posted on progress, remind you of important deadlines, and answer any questions you have along the way.

Getting Started

We start with a pre-test. After the pre-test is complete, we'll provide a detailed score analysis, as well as a tutoring plan. The best part? The pre-test, test analysis, and plan are free!

Please contact us to learn more about how we prepare students for these exams and to get a customized tutoring plan for your child!