Take a Practice Test

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If your child is going to take a full-length practice test, they might as well get the most out of it, right? We believe that taking that test in a proctored setting - rather than at home - gives students a much more complete picture of themselves as test-takers. Here’s a little comparison to show you why we think proctored tests are the way to go!

These are all the things your child cannot do at a proctored test:

  • Text with their friends
  • Take a video game break
  • Ignore the test timing requirements
  • Check the fridge real quick
  • Google the answers
  • Take a nap

These are all the things your child can do at a proctored test:

  • See if their morning routine got them to the test on time with everything they needed
  • Work through an entire test in one sitting
  • Find out if fatigue, nerves, and/or timing affect their performance
  • Make mistakes that they can learn from afterwards - without messing up an official score
  • Try out accommodations like extended time and using a calculator
  • Get a feel for taking a test in an environment that will likely include distractions - we can pretty much guarantee that when they take the test for real, there will be distractions galore (everything from doors opening and closing to sniffly noses to marching band practice)

Wow, there’s a lot more than just the test that goes into a successful test-taking experience! It’s so much better for students to realize this before the real test day so that they can adequately preparel

Convinced that your child needs to take their test with us? Excellent! Check out our dates and locations below and then register for $50 by clicking on the green button. If you need to come back later to register, please keep in mind that registration closes at 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before the each test date.

After the test, you’ll get a copy of the test booklet, a detailed score report, and tutoring recommendations.

If home feels like a better setting, or our test dates don’t sync with your child’s availability, we’d be happy to send you a practice test! For a pre-test, fill out this form. For mid- or post-tests for students currently working with Nurturing Wisdom, please contact your tutoring director so that we can be sure to send the correct test version.

Click here to register for a Chicagoland proctored test!