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Our decades of classroom teaching, 1:1 tutoring, parenting, and research experience has provided us with powerful insights into what makes kids tick. We love sharing our expertise with Chicagoland organizations, parent​s​, teachers, and schools​!​ ​Read more below and give us a call or click on the Get Started button on the right to set something up for your group!​

Academic Presentations

Developing Executive Functioning Skills

For parents and teachers of 6th through 12th graders

Unfortunately, not all children intuitively pick up the skills they need to be good managers of their learning. It often requires explicit instruction from setting up an organizational system and building routines to practicing effective and independent study habits. In this talk, we teach practical strategies to develop executive functioning skills related to organization, time management, and study skills - all of which are integral to academic success.

Nurturing Persistence in Learners

For parents and teachers of students from preschool through 12th grade

It's no secret that we're huge fans of Stanford Professor Carol Dweck! Utilizing her book Mindset, we define the two types of mindsets and discuss the benefits of cultivating a growth mindset. We also share practical strategies for encouraging your child to pursue challenges and view mistakes as opportunities for development. Don't be surprised if you find yourself applying some of these strategies to your own life!


For parents and teachers of 6th through 12th graders

It's not uncommon for tweens and teens to lose their spark when it comes to school. It's easy to chalk it up to disinterest or laziness, but that's usually not the case, and they thrive when we take a more nuanced approach. During this talk, we unpack the complex psychology behind motivation and share tips to help children rediscover their passion for learning.

Test Anxiety

For parents and teachers of 3rd through 12th graders

The impact of test-taking anxiety can be far-reaching, and students often feel that they have no control over it. In this talk, we look at the reasons children experience anxiety when it comes to tests (of both the school and standardized variety) and provide practical strategies to help them let go and take charge! Spoiler alert: keeping your own anxiety in check will reduce theirs.

Building Routines for Academic Success

For parents and teachers of students from preschool through 4th grade

Any parent will tell you that finding the middle ground between "hands-off" and "hand-holding" is difficult. It's no different when it comes to helping your child build routines for academic independence and success. We can assist by sharing tools and strategies to establish good habits, maintain a healthy relationship with homework, and get the most out of checklists.

Test Prep Presentations

The High School Entrance Test Process

For parents and teachers of students in grades six through eight

We're well aware of how confusing and stressful the high school admissions process can be! After guiding hundreds of families through the maze, we've discovered a thing or two to make your journey less complicated. Learn about the different tests, which one(s) your child should take, when to get started with prep, and how to manage anxiety when the stakes are high.

The College School Entrance Test Process

For parents and teachers of students in grades nine through eleven

The road to college will include some twists and turns, and we can help you navigate! Understanding all of the moving parts and planning ahead will reduce stress and result in a better overall experience. In addition to talking through the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and SAT Subject Tests, we cover scheduling test dates, the meaning of scores, and how test prep increases both scores and grades.