Our Values

At Nurturing Wisdom, we live our company culture every day. We value helping our students grow and learn, and we also strive to do the same ourselves.

Own It

Nurturing Wisdom is our company, and we take personal pride in the results that we achieve. If we are inspired to run with a new idea or create something amazing, we know that we have the opportunity to grow, develop, and innovate. We don’t always have to succeed, but we each willingly take full responsibility and ownership of our actions.


The Nurturing Wisdom team is greater than the contribution of its individual players. We are a team whose members rely on each other to provide the best tutoring experience for our families. Through thoughtful communication and problem-solving, we anticipate and provide for our students' needs. Purposeful collaboration enables us to maximize our strengths and cultivate a culture of support and productivity.

5-Star Review

Our high standards infuse all of our interactions with respect and care. In every communication, we cultivate delight through actively listening and investing our time and resources in a customized response. Ultimately, we strive to create the win-win, to create outcomes which are positive both for ourselves and for the people we interact with. We embrace complaints because they give us the opportunity to transform someone’s negative experience into a positive one.

Embrace Feedback

Because we are genuinely invested in seeing each other do our best work, we view feedback as a 360 degree process. We embrace the opportunity to see ourselves in a new light and to examine a situation with a fresh set of eyes. Through studying our reactions, emotions, and assumptions, we can re-calibrate and push ourselves to become even better.

Be Candid but Nice

When we are unsure about how to approach someone with less-than-pleasant information, we must not be afraid to be open, honest, and direct in our communication. Our team members are people who care so much that they are compelled to have the difficult conversations that will lead to solutions. We know that if we rock the boat early on, it won’t capsize later.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Nurturing Wisdom will grow if its people are growing as well. To make us true experts in our roles, we constantly seek new information, integrating ideas and approaches that will help us improve. We won’t settle for good; we seek out what will make us great!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We don’t need to work more; we need to do our best work. By keeping the big picture in mind, embracing change, and streamlining how we approach our tasks and communication, we’re able to work smarter. We encourage dialogue rather than deliver monologues, tell stories rather than present information, and lead discussions rather than deliver lectures.

Eat the Frog

If someone said, “You have to eat this frog before midnight tonight, under penalty of death,” we would not wait until 11:59pm. We would eat the frog for breakfast. Confronting challenges immediately, rather than postponing them, exhilarates us for the rest of the day. We often find that getting it done wasn’t so bad…frogs can be surprisingly tasty!