Our Team | Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring

Our Team

A key part of our success is the amazing administrative team we have in place to support our students, families, and tutors!

Tutoring Directors

Our tutoring directors are here to support families from day one! After an initial consultation with the family, the director matches the student with a tutor, works with our team to create a tutoring plan, and checks in regularly to ensure that the student is getting the most out of tutoring.

Recruiting Team

Our recruiting team is in charge of finding the very best tutors who can work with our students on test prep, academic tutoring across all subject areas, and executive functioning skills. They’re always on the lookout for new talent and individuals who share our passion for quality education!

Coaches, Curriculum, and Testing

Each Nurturing Wisdom tutor has a tutoring coach who helps them learn curriculum, perfect tutoring strategies, and successfully work with a variety of students. Our coaches also lead workshops, directly coach tutors in tutoring sessions, and write curriculum! Nurturing Wisdom tutors are also supported by a variety of staff, including test graders and assistants, who help tutoring run smoothly.