What Our Tutors Say About Our Culture | Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring

Our Culture

We recently asked our team members to tell us what they think about the culture at Nurturing Wisdom. Here’s what they had to say:

“Nurturing Wisdom values quality tutors and great matches for both the tutor and the student. Our company is caring, supportive, and invested in tutor and student development.”


Advice from Abby: Be ready to be flexible with scheduling and families rescheduling. Also, go to directors when you are having problems.

“I enjoy being a part of Nurturing Wisdom because of the resources we offer to our tutors. There’s a lot of curriculum and support available to each tutor. Coaches will guide our tutors through tutoring and help them grow into effective tutors. Each tutor is treated as family and with respect. Our management staff is very supportive, encouraging, and easy to approach. We all love learning and are excited to help each tutor grow and learn! We truly want our tutors to enjoy their jobs and students. We also ensure that tutors feel prepared, confident, and excited as they go into their sessions.”


Advice from Alyssa: Ensure that you are fully prepared for each session, yet remain flexible and responsive to your students’ needs. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help or to brainstorm ideas! Be honest about your own limitations (subjects, scheduling, etc.) or if you are not a good fit. Make time to get reports in on time and be responsive to RTDs.

“Tutors that work for Nurturing Wisdom are given the opportunity to work with a variety of students on a variety of different subjects. Tutors are given great autonomy and lots of support.”


Advice from Andy: Learn everything you can about the subject. Find reference books and review everything in them. Never assume you know a subject completely.

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a great, supportive team of coaches and directors. Everyone is always willing to talk tutors through a tough situation and offer great suggestions. The company is very organized and has great communication skills. They are focused on research-based methods to improve students’ achievement and they offer continual professional development for all of their tutors.”


Advice from Anna: Connect to your students-talk to them for a few minutes before your session about “what’s up.” Don’t overthink planning for sessions.

“I love working for Nurturing Wisdom because there is always a lot of support available. It seems that NW is always trying to improve and evolve, which creates a great environment to work in. NW is open, honest, and uses forward thinking.”


Advice from Anni: Prepare thoroughly for every session. Then be prepared to change your plans. Be present, pay close attention, and be sure to make the most of students’ successes and failures. Trying is an important part of progress. Don’t give up!

“Nurturing Wisdom is a warm, positive environment with plenty of resources and strategies to help tutors find a way to improve any student’s situation and help them reach their goals. Each student is different, but NW offers resources for any situation a tutor might encounter.”


Advice from Ashley: Every student is different. You have to figure out what works best to help each student excel.

“Nurturing Wisdom gives lots of support both in terms of training and with tutoring materials. They also put a lot of work into the matching process of students with tutors. The NW culture is very focused on the actual tutoring and helping students. There’s no pressure to “sell” more services, and while there is paperwork, it’s all about student progress.”


Advice from Bill: You don’t know how many students you will get, but you can always say, “No thanks!” if your schedule is too tight or you’re uncomfortable with the subject matter.

“Nurturing Wisdom works well to make sure that students and tutors are a good match. They also prepare tutors very well for anything that they might be tutoring. The tutoring directors are very supportive and take an interest in each tutor and their development as a tutor. NW culture is all about development. They look for improvement in themselves, their tutors, and their students. There is a more personal culture than a business culture in the way that tutoring directors, the vice president, and the president interact with tutors.”


Advice from Brian: Have fun! Develop a good relationship with each of your students. It’s important to find something that you can connect with your students about whether it’s sports, hobbies, or other interests. When a student looks forward to sessions because they are comfortable with you, it makes teaching/tutoring so much easier.

“Here are a few things that come to mind when I think of Nurturing Wisdom: the staff is very helpful, supportive, and encouraging to families, tutors, and students; the digital library is extensive and thorough; the students are fun; and the directors do a great job of describing the students and their families before tutors call to schedule.”


Advice from Cara: Try and work out a schedule that makes sense. If you have a question, ask it! If you are working out a schedule, don’t hesitate to see what family availability is to maximize your time.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a challenging culture where people are always evolving and trying to help a child reach his/her potential. Working for NW is rewarding because the company is dedicated and caring.”


Advice from Carina: Only commit to working with a student if you truly want to do it. Push yourself to keep evolving, ask questions, and be open.

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a well-organized program to address the diverse needs of their students. They support their tutors with resources and advice. NW is run by very dedicated people who are up to date on (if not ahead of) recent developments in education, both locally and globally. NW cares about all of their tutors and students and aim to please all! The staff is very accessible and they appreciate honesty.”


Advice from Casey: It takes a few sessions to get your ground. Ask for help if you run into a wall with a student because chances are they’ve seen it before and have a handy solution.

“Nurturing Wisdom is very supportive and has a lot of information and supplies ready for tutors. There is a lot of communication between all parts of tutoring (students, tutors, directors, etc.). The culture is very helpful and friendly. I feel like I have been getting a lot of advice and instruction.”


Advice from Christine: Take the time before you get students to really look over the material on the digital library.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a company that is always striving to get better. They are not afraid to re-evaluate processes and make adjustments. Student progress is the focus of the company. Everyone works together and is on the same team. NW will help you grow as an educator.”


Advice from Colleen: Before a session you should review the curriculum, read the intake form, and talk to your coach. During the session you should find a way to relate with the student, challenge the student, praise the student, and have fun!

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a supportive administrative team and a wealth of material/resources to help with tutoring lessons. NW is very nurturing and supportive. There is someone (or multiple people) eager to help if any tutor has a question or concern.”


Advice from Derrick: Make an effort to connect with the students personally, take advantage of the resources at your disposal, and plan out your sessions thoroughly and have extra activities in reserve.

“I love working for Nurturing Wisdom because I love making an impact in my students’ lives and helping to shape their future. I love seeing how much the students grow and improve academically and how much confidence they gain. The most impressive thing to me about NW is how much the staff/directors care about the success of the students, not just about making money. NW’s culture is constantly changing. The programs and strategies are always evolving and improving. It is a warm, professional culture that values candor!”


Advice from Dominique: If you don’t have the heart to tutor then don’t even try. Tutoring at NW is more than just knowing the material and being able to teach it-it’s about connecting to the students and really caring.

“I rave about Nurturing Wisdom in the context of education. As a first-year teacher, I am reminded each and every day of how much I’ve learned about teaching from NW. The Comp Comp program has especially shaped my perspective on reading and writing instruction, and I share these strategies with my teaching colleagues often. NW is forward-thinking and has student-centered philosophies.”


Advice from Elizabeth: Be as honest as you can with parents and don’t be afraid to get tough with students.

“Nurturing Wisdom is positive, professional, and has a high-end reputation! NW offers a fun working environment, personal development, and supportive staff.”


Advice from Emily: To work for NW you need to like working with students one-on-one, and you need to be open to working with different types of students.

“The amount of support that Nurturing Wisdom gives is great. I love that I don’t have to find clients and if there’s a problem I have support and someone to talk to about how to communicate with parents. It’s even better to have support when I need help dealing with students’ needs. The culture is very open and fun. Again, it’s great to know everyone at NW has your back.”


Advice from Emily: Be ready to deal with different problems and personalities from each parent and student. Have an open mind and use the strategies you’re taught (just like you want your students to).

“A few words come to mind when I think of Nurturing Wisdom: supportive, insightful, progressive, values/principles-based, candid, proactive, and solution-based. Our students are at the heart of everything we do – from our initial phone call with the parent to our careful tutor matching (and rematching), from our comprehensive tutor training to our ongoing tutor coaching.”


Advice from Erin: Take time to prepare, as it will be a lot of work at first! Be careful with scheduling, ask questions, and be candid with students, parents, and directors.

“Nurturing Wisdom’s administrative team is enthusiastic about teaching and is truly supportive. The people at NW are genuinely dedicated and they offer an atmosphere that fosters collaboration.”


Advice from Ian: Make sure to articulate your thoughts clearly when you model problem solving. It helps students internalize the reasoning process. Once this has been done give them lots of opportunities for practice.

“Nurturing Wisdom is an amazing company to work for. The culture is unlike any other company I’ve worked with. The staff members are really focused on growing each tutor to help each of us become even better. We have an elite group of tutors that are very dedicated to their students; they are inspiring to each other, our students, and me. We have a very “we” not “me” oriented culture. We take a team approach to all aspects of tutoring from creating tutoring plans to supporting tutors. Our culture is also very focused on growth for both students and tutors. We are also solutions-focused when issues arise and we address problems head-on before they become bigger issues, which is refreshing. Overall, it is a fun, positive, and encouraging culture of growth.”


Advice from Heather: Tutoring is really as enjoyable as you make it. Take on students you will enjoy working with. Build the schedule that will also work well with your life and stick to those slots when scheduling. Reach out to your tutoring coach or talk to someone frequently about your tutoring because the act of talking over your students will generate so many ideas and possibilities.

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a staff that cares about the families and the students we work with, offers updated training for tutors, and cares about each student’s needs. The culture at NW is always supportive and caring. Someone is always willing to give assistance when it is needed. Tutoring with this company never feels like an extra job.”


Advice from Jackie: Be candid with the families. If you ever need help or advice on a session, always ask for support. Utilize the tutoring plan for the student – it will act as a guide. And have fun with your students!

“Nurturing Wisdom has many helpful preparation materials available to tutors and students. They are positive, friendly, and encouraging to tutors. The coaches and directors are great resources. NW is the nicest group of people I’ve ever worked with! Everyone is open and friendly, and it is apparent that they all love what they do. NW is always striving for improvement and bettering their tutors and students.”


Advice from Jaclyn: There is great structure and advice given to tutors by NW, but as a tutor, you can structure your own lesson plans and develop the best session for each student. As a tutor, you need to be open and flexible, and truly love teaching students and promoting development.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a supportive, encouraging, and growing team! NW is such a wonderful company! They want all the best for their students, families, and employees. We have a strong culture and all truly believe in it – we want what is best for families, students, and employees. We believe in high standards, reflection, and candor.


Advice from Jeanne: Working with a student one-on-one is such an awesome experience. Go into sessions confident and know you are supported. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, always communicate!

“My favorite part about Nurturing Wisdom is its dedication to teamwork and individual growth. I know that NW wants ME to succeed and as a result the company will succeed, rather than the other way around. NW is a caring and supportive team that values honesty and growth.


Advice from Jessica: Trust your instincts, don’t be afraid to try new things, ask when you need help and resources, and treat the student as an adult with options and knowledge.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a supportive system that offers effective materials for their tutors to utilize. All of the administrative team members are helpful and friendly. NW provides tutoring that is structured to provide support but also somewhat laid-back and fun so that students enjoy sessions and look forward to them.


Advice from Jim: Prepare well for your sessions but be prepared to be flexible if something comes up, like a test or a lesson that takes longer than expected.

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a fantastic level of communication and feedback, flexible schedule if desired, and an exciting work environment! NW’s culture is open, evolving, generous, innovative, and nurturing!


Advice from Julia: Don’t feel bad if you’re not a good match, set realistic expectations of yourself and the student, and don’t be afraid to really challenge the student.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a huge network of educators who aim to improve students’ education and lifestyle overall. The staff is very responsive to any questions, they offer a number of resources to help tutors in a number of different areas, and they offer new opportunities to tutors and students all the time.


Advice from Kaele: Don’t worry that you will be ill-prepared. With the website, coaching, and directors you will have no doubts in your abilities to help.

“I love that all of the people at Nurturing Wisdom are really knowledgeable about kids and learning. I love how organized everything is and how all the lessons are planned out. I love how our goal is to get kids not to need us. NW’s culture is candid, positive, encouraging, and always striving for improvement.


Advice from Kate: Follow the lesson plans, treat each kid as an individual, set a schedule early, and be strict and encouraging.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a very positive work environment. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. They also have wonderful resources for tutors to use with their students. They fully support tutors along their journey and are always willing to answer any question that might come up along the way!


Advice from Kate: Always go into tutoring with a positive attitude no matter the type of student or subject. Kids will read your energy and go from there. Also, use the resources given and ask lots of questions!

“I really like all of the students I am working with and feel like they are good fits with me. I really appreciate the positivity of my director and all the NW staff! NW’s culture is kind, helpful, and allowing of personal growth. Every tutor works a little differently and that’s okay. We are not homework helpers, and there is work outside of the tutoring session.


Advice from Kathryn: Make a schedule for at least a month in advance! Be organized!! Explore the NW website and ask lots of questions.

“I appreciate Nurturing Wisdom’s emphasis on holistic learning and supporting the whole child as he/she learns. Another amazing thing about NW is that they respect the different paces students have when learning. NW is communal, supportive, and challenging in the best possible ways.


Advice from Kellyanna: Tutoring with NW is a really fun, engaging, and fulfilling experience. Enjoy it!

“Nurturing Wisdom offers tons of support from tutoring directors. I can call them anytime and they are excited to hear about my students and give me suggestions for improving sessions. They are also good at matching tutors and students who will work well together and connect well. NW is passionate, focused on developing the student, and allows tutors to work at their own pace.


Advice from Kevin: Enjoy it! You will learn a lot yourself while tutoring these awesome kids. Work with them at their level and don’t always assume you have a better handle on what they are doing than they do.

“Nurturing Wisdom has a close relationship between tutors and administrative staff. The staff is open and receptive to tutors’ needs and nurturing to both students and tutors. NW is knowledgeable about the need for a good student-tutor fit and they allow each tutor the freedom to make the experience fit his or her needs.


Advice from Kim: You need to be as open with the students as NW is with its tutors. It’s all about catering to the students’ needs and being very fluid with your tutoring plan. Keep reassessing needs!

“Nurturing Wisdom cares for the student as an individual and takes the time to address his/her specific needs. They are also open to new ideas and ways for improving their tutors and their sessions. NW gives their tutors a lot of resources to use in their sessions.


Advice from Kim: Become familiar with the digital library. There’s a lot of stuff in there and it seems overwhelming at first so take a little at a time.

“Nurturing Wisdom has a wide curriculum that meets and anticipates most students’ needs. NW is also interested in new ideas, approaches, and offers great support when tutors need it.


Advice from Kristi: Not all students learn the same way, so be open to changing your style, techniques, or approach accordingly.

“As a tutor for Nurturing Wisdom you get so much support when you have a question or are not sure about what to do. The tutoring directors and coaches are always easy to get in touch with and are always happy to help. The digital library and tutoring plans make your sessions easy to plan for, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time prepping! NW has a great culture of openness and lifelong learning/improvement. Everything, whether a success or a mistake, is treated as a learning opportunity.


Advice from Laura: Always follow the sequences that are laid out and communicate with everyone: parents, coaches, and tutoring directors. This will make everything go smoothly.

“Nurturing Wisdom cares about students – their success and their happiness. NW values their tutors, celebrates their successes, and makes them feel respected. NW makes me want to keep working for them!


Advice from Laura: It gets easier! NW gives you the lessons, training, and support to teach effectively. Trust yourself in session – NW hires people they know can do the job.

“Nurturing Wisdom has provided so many resources for tutoring, and I have always felt like they are investing in me. I love the focus on tutoring being fun rather than another thing the student has to do. Nurturing Wisdom has a very nurturing culture. They nurture the student, the tutors, the parents, and everyone involved in the process. The company really cares about the well being of the whole student, not just the test scores.


Advice from Laura: Tutoring is really different for each student. Although I’m using the same materials, my approach changes based on the specific personality and style of the student.

“Nurturing Wisdom does a great job of matching tutors with the right students to make sure tutors, student, and parents are all happy with the match. They provide tons of support and lesson plans, and there is a lot of structure offered, but you are still trusted as a professional to use your best judgment and choose what is best for your students. NW’s culture is supportive, encouraging, and very positive. They appreciate and welcome constructive criticism in a continuous effort for the tutors, directors,and coaches to all be the very best they can be. In turn, this allows our students to be the very best they can be!


Advice from Lauren: Be over-prepared! It takes a little more time to prep, but you’ll be so glad you have that extra lesson or work ready. Be flexible and willing to adapt constantly and never forget that you can only teach the student in front of you in that moment, so make the most of each moment.

“Nurturing Wisdom is all about giving tutors the tools needed to be successful and confident in sessions. The entire NW team is supportive and receptive to questions, comments, and working together to help students and tutors. Every phone call or meeting I have had as a tutor has taught me new information and new ways to think about learning. NW’s culture offers mutual respect and support to grow and improve between tutors and administrative members. Everyone is considered experienced in some way and encouraged to share that expertise.


Advice from Lisa: Tutoring is a learning experience that requires adjustments, input, and reflection. We need our students to be open to new ideas, and as a tutor the more open to feedback you are, the better you will feel about your students and sessions.

“I love the amount of material available for almost every subject and program. NW also has great communication between directors, tutors, and parents. NW’s culture is knowledge in power!


Advice from Meg: Tutoring involves trial and error with different strategies with different students. Ask for help when needed from NW staff. Work toward consistency of habits – hold kids accountable, but in a positive, motivating way.

“Nurturing Wisdom’s culture is like a supportive family. I feel comfortable going to anyone on our team for support/advice and I know that everyone would be willing to offer suggestions. Working for NW does not feel like a job-I look forward to every day and every session!


Advice from Melissa: Talk with your coach and directors as much as possible and use all of the resources on the digital library.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a team. Support is always available and the team creates an atmosphere that fosters communication and collaboration. Similarly, you feel like NW works hard to make sure you aren’t put in situations that would make you uncomfortable.


Advice from Michael: Understanding the individual needs of each student is critical. No system or approach will work completely for every student, so you must learn to adapt strategies to the individual through communication with the student and their parents.

“Nurturing Wisdom is full of passionate educators. They are passionate about experimenting and adapting changes to their program. The culture is open-minded, ambitious, and they have high expectations.


Advice from Michael: You should always plan ahead, maybe even research interesting current examples to discuss.

“Nurturing Wisdom cares more about their students’ learning and progress than any other organization I have worked with. It’s not simply about results on paper, it’s so much more. Other tutoring companies look for quick results, but NW chases after lasting results.


Advice from Michael: Be straight with your students. No one likes to be jerked around. Be tough with them too; so many students don’t know how to study or simply don’t want to. Talk to the parents after sessions and be honest.

“Nurturing Wisdom provides the opportunity to work with a myriad of amazing students on a very intimate and personal level. It is something extraordinary when you get to share in that “I get it!” moment! NW is all about reflective practice and improving one’s craft. We have a great system of support and mentorship that provides constructive criticism to help us be the best tutors we can be for our kids.


Advice from Michael: Have an open mind and be willing to take risks and think outside the box. Making tutoring fun for the student keeps things interesting for yourself and truly helps them learn.

“Nurturing Wisdom fosters a culture of loving learning, in both our students and tutors. Everyone here is dedicated to supporting each other and our students and to helping every individual achieve his/her personal best. The administrative team and the directors are positive, motivating, and help us as tutors to celebrate our accomplishments and those of our students. They also continue to look for areas of improvement in students and tutors. The way NW approaches learning and the strategies that they have created are truly unique and work well!


Advice from Michelle: Each individual that you tutor is very different. Always keep an open mind and search for the special ways to help each student learn.

“Nurturing Wisdom’s culture consists of a community of experts who care deeply about learning. It can be intimidating at first, but you’ll discover a supportive group of people underneath it all who offer a wealth of resources and strategies to help you.


Advice from Mychael: Read the information on your tutoring topic in the digital library completely and don’t be afraid to utilize your coach.

“Nurturing Wisdom is a supportive company that values team work. They are creative and approach problems from multiple angles. There is a strong emphasis on improving the student and not just the grade.


Advice from Nate: Be confident. The student/family picks up on this. Take advantage of resources like the digital library.

“Nurturing Wisdom is all about nurturing – from the parents, to the students, to the tutors! They do such an excellent job supporting their tutors with thoughtful curriculum and attention from coaches.


Advice from Nicole: Contact your directors and coaches whenever necessary. No matter how silly you may think the question is they are happy to help.

“Nurturing Wisdom is focused on relationships and innovation! Everyone working for NW is very kind and supportive. The administrative staff is always reaching out to make sure things are going well. NW is also always adding elements that make the company and the tutoring experience better (coaching, the new focus on reading, etc.). I have learned so much about education and teaching while working here, without even realizing it!


Advice from Nora: Have fun with it! Focus on getting to know the kids and trust your own judgment. If you are not sure about something reach out to your director or coach! Follow the plan and the lesson sequence but don’t be on autopilot. Think about the student and how best to help him/her.

“Nurturing Wisdom is one of the most fundamentally sound organizations I will probably ever get to work with. Their curriculum and support is thorough, innovative, and ever-changing. Tutoring with them has not only been a blast, but I feel I have learned a ton of executive functioing skills and become more efficient in my own work. The culture for tutors is the same as the culture for students: safe but demanding, experienced but accessible.


Advice from Owen: Be ready to be ENERGETIC. NW pairs you with excited and talented kids who will challenge your own knowledge and abilities. That’s what makes it FUN!

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a wealth of resources that are easily accessible. Also, every member of NW has valuable experience and advice, and they are always willing to share. I will meet with my first three students this week, and I already feel confident going into the sessions because of all the support and resources I have received. When I listen to the voicemails from tutoring directors and curriculum directors regarding students, I can tell that they really value each child as a unique learner and not just as a client. NW really cares about helping all students.


Advice from Rebecca: Tutoring is a great way to help a student who can be great but just needs a little attention. Be prepared for each session!

“NW operates with a mixture of guidance and trust that I appreciate. The curriculum and built-in support is astoundingly helpful. Because there are so many resources for tutors, it can be overwhelming to try to follow every suggestion and rule exactly to spec. Beyond this infrastructure, though, is a belief that this kind of instruction changes not only grades and scores, but ways of thinking. The culture of NW is one of honest educational belief.


Advice from Ross: To tutor successfully you need to operate within a set plan. The plan can change, but it still helps to be prepared. NW supplies a lot of this plan. The rest must be created by you to cater to the specific needs of a student. This adaptability must take into account not only academic skill, but also personality and circumstance.

“Nurturing Wisdom is continuously striving for excellence while constantly evaluating what can be improved, added, or done more effectively. NW offers tons of support for all areas/aspects of tutoring. Tutors are appreciated by both NW directors and the families they work with.


Advice from Ruth: Be over-prepared for sessions, but know that you might not get to all (or any) of it. Get comfortable with the strategies you will use before trying them out. Always be modeling!

“Nurturing Wisdom is a company that goes out of its way to provide the resources necessary to be a successful tutor. They’re also great at letting each tutor’s personality come through and match tutors to students based on personality. NW’s culture is totally focused on helping students be their best.


Advice from Sam: Take advantage of all the resources available to you (coaches, RTDs, digital library) and don’t schedule sessions in the suburbs and city on the same day!

“Everyone that works for Nurturing Wisdom is very positive. The people who work here seem genuinely interested and stand behind what they do. NW is very goal-oriented and are always on the search to learn something new about learning.


Advice from Sara: Spend a lot of time browsing the digital library. There are a lot of good resources there!

“Nurturing Wisdom emphasizes skill-building to mastery. We really strive for a good fit. We want our students to view tutoring as an asset and not as a chore. We want the best for our students,and that drives all of our decisions. NW has a culture of communication and respect where your contribution is valued and respected.


Advice from Sarah: Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions or if you’re unsure of something. There’s always someone available to help. Also, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself student-wise.

“Nurturing Wisdom has a very open and positive atmosphere. NW is also very progressive; everyone is always trying to improve and help everyone else to improve as well. There is a lot of support for tutors. Tutors can ask questions or talk to directors about any of their concerns. The focus is on the students. Everyone works as a team to provide the students with the best help possible.


Advice from Sarah: I think being comfortable being yourself around the students is very effective. There is a level of trust that develops between a student and tutor if you’re just completely honest about yourself and with the student. Students respond to your individual personality.

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a lot of support from the administrative team and the curriculum materials. The culture is very positive and focused on improvement.


Advice from Shanna: It is time-consuming but rewarding.

“NW provides a really great support structure for tutors: early orientation provides a good starting point, the digital library is full of resources and information, and it’s easy to ask questions of my tutoring director or coach. In addition, as a test prep tutor, I am so IMPRESSED by and appreciative of the great ACT curriculum, which is really straightforward and enjoyable to use. I would describe NW’s culture as open and evidence-based. When there’s evidence that something new/different works better than something more established, NW embraces it! They also, despite providing plenty of support, allow their tutors plenty of opportunities to take different approaches with different students. I really enjoy working for NW!


Advice from Stacia: I think I would recommend that a tutor teaching any test read some of the ACT orientation documents – I learned a lot about SAT and HSET tutoring by using the ACT curriculum. I would also suggest starting off with more/bigger binders.

“Nurturing Wisdom offers a unique, customized tutoring experience. Students are provided with the tools and strategies to succeed. NW invests time and energy into helping their tutors become great teachers and offer their students a valuable experience. NW’s culture is definitely nurturing for both tutors and students. NW is really great about creating a supportive environment for their tutors, and making sure they are well-prepared. As for their students, NW provides the students with a well-rounded curriculum and helps them build their skills gradually to a higher level.


Advice from Veesta: No two students are alike, and Nurturing Wisdom does a really great job of providing all of the resources to create a highly personalized plan for each student. NW’s commitment to creating an ideal tutoring plan for each student ensures a positive experience.

“At Nurturing Wisdom we are committed to learning by understanding the process at all levels and taking action appropriately. We value knowledge and knowledge about knowledge. We do not cling to any dogma, but we treasure principles that are true. I love the constant focus on self-improvement at all levels, a growth mindset. Of course this means a constant focus on facts and being candid. We use this to help individuals with their precise learning needs and help them to succeed.


Advice from William: Focus on understanding the student and continually examining where the student is ready to go. Planning and reflection are crucial to helping the student grow. Additionally, use your coach to get feedback on what you can do better or help remembering something you may have forgotten.

“I would share that NW has a great, comprehensive curriculum that facilitates one-on-one tutoring and ensures good results. I would also say that my experience so far has been enriching and interesting. I’ve become a better tutor due to the invaluable coaching provided by Heather, Pari, and everyone else at NW. I would describe the NW culture as a kind but firm approach to learning. NW’s methodology is based on both progressive research and common sense. While NW emphasizes high achievement, it does not do so in a calculating, thoughtless way. Depth is valued over breadth.


Advice from Zeina: I would advise a new tutor to develop a solid organizational system before going into an initial session with a new student, since an organized tutor immediately inspires the confidence of both parents and students. As far as test prep,I would also advise to take several actual tests, whether SSAT or otherwise. There’s no better way to understand what a test prep student is dealing with!