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Online Tutoring

Do you live outside of Chicago or San Francisco? No problem! Our online tutoring delivers the same personal service and excellent results as our in-person tutoring.

“We could not have been more pleased with the tutoring at Nurturing Wisdom. From the pre-tutoring interview to learn what type of student/learner my daughter is to the tutoring itself, this program is top notch. Although we were a little nervous to use a tutor over Skype, that aspect was a non-issue. Overall, my daughter was so prepared for the ACT and her score showed that preparedness. Nurturing Wisdom knows what they are doing and we highly recommend them!”

Kelly, parent

Online Tutoring Overview

Over the years, we've worked one-to-one with many students through online tutoring, including for these subjects:

Online Tutoring Sessions

In each session, your tutor will use Zoom (an online platform similar to Skype), a document camera, an online whiteboard system, and customized physical materials to ensure that your child is getting a personalized and effective tutoring experience. As with our in-person tutoring, our online tutoring sessions are focused on actively teaching new skills, extending understanding of previously introduced concepts, and reviewing already mastered skills to stay sharp. Tutors use a variety of interactive methods to engage with students during the session. These are just a few of the activities you might see a tutor run during a typical session:

  • Screen sharing while modeling a new active reading test prep strategy
  • Using a document camera to demonstrate how to complete a challenging math problem
  • Working in a shared Google doc to revise and improve a writing assignment
  • Utilizing a Spanish language website while screen sharing to practice verb conjugation
You’ll work closely with a tutoring director to set goals, find the best tutor fit, and monitor progress. We’ll work with your schedule!

The Online Tutoring Experience

Curious to see how this all works? Check out our online tutoring demonstration videos below!

Math and Test Prep Tutoring

Writing Tutoring

Getting Started

Contact our online tutoring director, Jessica Lepore, at 312.260.7945 x111 to learn more about how Nurturing Wisdom can help you and your child!

  • Although we were a little nervous to use a tutor over Skype, that aspect was a non-issue. The materials my daughter received in the mail were clearly labeled and easy to follow when her tutor referenced them. Also, her tutor gave her drills and helpful strategies to use when she did practice problems. After doing problems, she consistently asked my daughter for feedback on what she felt comfortable with and where she felt she needed more help, which helped them focus on areas where she lacked confidence. Overall, my daughter was so prepared for the ACT and her score showed that preparedness. Nurturing Wisdom knows what they are doing and we highly recommend them!
    Kelly, Parent of an Online Tutoring Student
  • Nurturing Wisdom was a great experience. They were accommodating, helpful, and nice every step of the way. My tutor and I worked great together. She helped me improve my scores significantly and I am happy we decided to go to Nurturing Wisdom for my tutoring.
    Molly, online ACT student
  • Here are the pros of online tutoring: Not having to go anywhere, just sit at the computer at home! Relief of his help depending solely on me - I get a break! Watching the tutor get his agreement on actions, then writing out goals and faithfully addressing these at each session. His tutor is young, fun, and keeps him focused without the "Mom factor" (Mom is already annoyed at his dirty clothes pile, etc.) So far, Matthew has improved his grades from C's, D's, and F's to A's, B's and C's!” Virginia
    Virginia, Parent of online executive functioning student
  • Rahul let me know the great news that he got a 27 on the ACT.  He is pleased and so is his  family!  After our experiences with Jocie, Chase, and Rahul, I would recommend Nurturing Wisdom to anyone.  We appreciate Jenna's excellent work with Rahul.  He has learned study skills and gained confidence in his abilities that will serve him well in college.  And he's already been accepted to some colleges with generous merit and need-based financial offers!  Thank you so much for working with Rahul and our family.”
    Aunt of online ACT student in Calcutta
  • As parents, we want the best for our children. So when we make such a critical decision on who will best serve the tutoring needs for our child, we better be right the first time and we were - it was Nurturing Wisdom. We knew from the minute we signed that we hit a home run. This feeling first came about when we spoke with Connor's tutor- Benjamin. Ben was an absolute professional who really knows how to convey his talent on strategic and quality test taking. I was impressed on how he explained to Connor the importance of the test taking strategies for each subject. Ben showed Connor how to tackle math equations in ways he was never taught. I say this with extreme sincerity, had it not been for Ben, Connor would have struggled on the HSPT test.
    Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader accepted at St. Ignatius