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Online Tutoring During Coronavirus Outbreak

With COVID-19-related school changes, parents and kids are facing a number of challenges. We’re here to help you - wherever you are!

We know how important routine and a sense of normalcy are for children during uncertain times. One-to-one online tutoring can go a long way in providing support and structure to families. We’ve worked online with students for years, so we know how to do it right!

For online sessions, tutors meet with students using the video conferencing platform Zoom. Not only will they see each other, but they also get to interact through the screen with tools like screen sharing and annotating (take a look at our videos below). It’s a really fun experience!

Just like our in-person tutoring, we’re able to truly customize to your child’s level and pace with online sessions. Our tutors are meeting online with students for all kinds of reasons, including to...

  • support school-directed e-learning
  • guide through school-assigned packets
  • revisit concepts and processes
  • customize enrichment activities
  • practice executive functioning skills
  • prepare for standardized tests

Learn more about summer programs are a wonderful option for kids right now, too!

You’ve got a lot going on, and we want to help the best way we know how. Give us a call or submit our contact form, and we’ll get you set up!

  • Kelly, Parent of an Online Tutoring Student
    We could not have been more pleased with the tutoring at Nurturing Wisdom. From the pre-tutoring interview to learn what type of student/learner my daughter is to the tutoring itself, this program is top-notch. Although we were a little nervous to use a tutor online, that aspect was a non-issue. Overall, my daughter was so prepared for the ACT, and her score showed that preparedness. Nurturing Wisdom knows what they are doing and we highly recommend them!  
    Kelly, Parent of an Online Tutoring Student
  • Aunt of a 12th grader
    After our experiences, I would recommend Nurturing Wisdom to anyone. We appreciate our tutor’s excellent work with Rahul. He has learned study skills and gained confidence in his abilities that will serve him well in college. And he's already been accepted to some colleges with generous merit and need-based financial offers!
    Aunt of a 12th grader
  • Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader
    As parents, we want the best for our children. So when we make such a critical decision on who will best serve the tutoring needs for our child, we'd better be right the first time, and we were - it was Nurturing Wisdom. We knew from the minute we signed that we hit a home run. This feeling first came about when we spoke with Connor's tutor. He was an absolute professional who really knows how to convey his talent on strategic and quality test-taking. I was impressed with how he explained to Connor the importance of the test-taking strategies for each subject. He showed Connor how to tackle math equations in ways he was never taught.
    Andrea and Richard, parents of an 8th grader