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We can take the stress out of math! With one-on-one tutoring sessions, your child will gain confidence and master skills, resulting in better grades.

Our Approach

Math can be challenging, intimidating, and downright scary for many students. But it doesn't have to be. Math can be accessible, invigorating, and even exciting! At Nurturing Wisdom, we work hard to help your child learn math by filling in missing gaps, clarifying current class content, and pre-teaching upcoming material.

Our 1:1 in-person and online sessions include a variety of contexts and formats so that students fully understand how to approach each type of problem. Has your child ever seemed to get a concept at home and then struggle on a test because the problems looked different? This is not uncommon. Our comprehensive approach helps students grasp the underlying concepts behind each math problem, resulting in less stress, deep learning, and higher scores.

Our diagnostic assessments pinpoint your child's strengths and weaknesses. That information helps us customize instruction, making sure they can achieve in their current class and in future math courses. 

Individualized, one-to-one tutoring is a strong fit for students with learning differences such as dyscalculia, ADHD, slow processing speed, weak working memory, dyslexia, and autism. We also have experience supporting gifted and twice exceptional students.

A Typical Math Session

Tutors highly customize instruction for each student's needs, but in a typical session you might see:

  • Homework: Will your child work on their homework during sessions? Of course! However, they'll go beyond just doing homework. Tutors use homework as a springboard for additional practice, core skill review, or extension.
  • Math Looping℠: One of our core techniques, Math Looping℠, is an innovative way for students to both master foundational skills and learn new concepts. In looping, the tutor can constantly adjust the problem type and difficulty to create a truly engaging and customized experience.
  • Deconstructing Word Problems: We tackle tricky word problems head on by teaching students a systematic approach for breaking apart word problems and recognizing the math underneath the surface of the words.
  • Math Fact and Formula Practice: We emphasize math fact and formula fluency through deliberate practice and games.
  • Executive Functioning Work: Sometimes a student's difficulty with math goes beyond the content. Many of our math students don't know how to study for math tests (or don't study at all), put their math homework off until the last minute, or spend hours on a math assignment that should take half the time. By explicitly working on executive functioning skills, we take a whole-child approach to alleviating their challenges with math.

Math Anxiety

Math anxiety is real and it can be debilitating for students. We take a straightforward approach to anxiety, using a variety of research-based strategies, customized to the personality and needs of each student. Anxious students need to feel connected with their tutor to be comfortable discussing and working on their anxiety in session, so we take the tutor match very seriously. Our directors can help you find the perfect match for your child!

Elementary to College Classes

Expert tutors can help students achieve success in math class—any level, any grade, including:

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