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Looping: Becoming a Believer!

I started at Nurturing Wisdom before we incorporated looping as a major strategy for our tutoring. Now, I can’t imagine doing a session without it, no matter the subject matter!

Looping has transformed me into an even better tutor than I thought possible. Because I’m only giving students one problem at a time, I’m constantly assessing my students as they work. I have to decide if they’re showing mastery of a concept and are ready to move on to a harder problem, or if I need to keep repeating that same skill. Now, I’m truly teaching to mastery.

I started using looping with my ACT math students as a way to review a large number of algebra and geometry skills. Thanks to the book Why Don’t Students Like School, I’m learning that students need to be exposed to concepts repeatedly in order for those concepts to be stored in long-term memory. I’ve realized that, when I first started tutoring, I wasn’t giving students frequent enough practice.

A breakthrough for me came when I started working with a student who seemed to forget concepts after only one week. I started using looping with her, reviewing the same math concepts each week. Even though she was seeing the same material session after session, she made incredible progress because I was constantly taking these concepts to higher and higher levels. She was able to take her ACT math score from the low teens to a 25 by the time she took her second ACT test!

Before I started using looping, my students’ ACT math scores would increase by just a few points. Now I see even bigger jumps! The score increases aren’t the most important thing, though. The best part is that I’m seeing students’ confidence increase greatly. Looping helps me give my students many chances to be successful with math.

During my three years at Nurturing Wisdom, I’ve gone from being intrigued by looping, to loving it, to being a true, devoted believer in how powerful of a strategy it can be for tutoring! I’m never going back!

~Heather Roan, former tutor and Staff Development Coordinator