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From Spanish to Mandarin to German, Nurturing Wisdom tutors are here to help your child excel in their language class at school - and have fun while doing it!

Our Approach

To truly master a language, it's not enough simply to understand the mechanics. Nurturing Wisdom tutors also work on speaking and listening skills, language-specific study skills, and long-term retention of material.

A Typical World Language Session

Language tutoring sessions focus on the following:

  • Teaching strategies to learn new vocabulary, grammar, and the “rules” of the language
  • Practicing listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills to provide an in-depth knowledge of the language
  • Playing word games that enhance understanding and maintain engagement
  • Incorporating technology, like apps, websites, to further layer the learning experience

Languages We Tutor

We tutor languages for all grade levels, from elementary to AP classes! Our expert tutors can help students learn a variety of languages, including:

Our Tutors

Effectively tutoring a language involves a lot more than just language fluency. The best language tutors have an understanding of how languages are taught in schools, what skills are covered in each class level, and how to address the common pitfalls students experience. We carefully select tutors who demonstrate both a strong language proficiency and this exceptional ability to teach!

Our language tutors are in high demand and fill up quickly, so contact us today to get started!

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