Join Our Team!

At Nurturing Wisdom, you will be part of a team whose number one focus is the student. Our directors will connect you with families, your coach will support your customized work with each student, and our admin staff will help other aspects of your work run smoothly.

This teamwork results in confident students who achieve their goals. If you’d like to be part of this comprehensive approach to working with families, submit an application! We personally read and respond to every application.

We believe tutoring should be fun!

We take match-making seriously so that you and your students will be enthusiastic about your work together. Strong matches lead to productive and rewarding relationships!

We want you to feel supported and valued.

We provide the strategies, resources and information you need to feel like an expert so you can confidently tutor any of our programs. We know that you bring expertise to your role as a tutor, and that you have the talent to customize our lessons and resources to each of your students.

We want you to be proud of being part of an elite team.

With Nurturing Wisdom, you will be part of a group of outstanding tutors who go the extra mile for their students. You will be inspired to help your students take ownership of their learning while simultaneously sharpening your skills.