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Learning at Home

We’ve supported families with at-home learning for years! We appreciate the possibilities learning at home offers, and we know the pitfalls it can involve. Tutoring will help your child flourish!

We offer 1:1, paired, and small group tutoring for students of all ages. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach; we want to provide tutoring that meets your needs. Learn more below about a couple of different options, but please give us a call if you’ve got something different in mind!

A tutor will fill the gaps and help your child get ahead. But tutoring is about so much more than learning content. Your child will gain an understanding of how they learn best, they’ll develop a growth mindset, and the resulting self-confidence will impact other areas of their life. 

E-Learning Support

If your child attends school virtually, or combines e-learning with in-person attendance, you may be concerned about shortcomings. A tutor will review content and concepts your child might have missed the first time around, and preview upcoming lessons so that they have a foundation to build on. We can also provide additional materials and resources if your child needs extra work in certain areas.

A tutor can also teach your child strategies to manage this particular type of learning. For example, they’ll share tips for staying focused in a virtual class, pacing self-directed/asynchronous classes, or setting up and making the most of an online meeting with a teacher. Other potential hurdles include misplaced materials, lack of routine, loss of momentum/motivation, and an uneven sleep schedule. These hitches may be unexpected and less obvious; they may also negatively affect your child’s feelings about school and learning. A tutor will recognize them and recalibrate to get your child back on track.

Homeschooling Support

Whether your family has homeschooled for years or is giving it a go for the first time, 1:1 or small group tutoring is a great supplement to your efforts. A tutor will individualize instruction so that it complements your curriculum and help your child achieve grade level benchmarks and beyond. If you’re looking for enrichment, like a passion project, we can facilitate that, too!

You’ll appreciate having a dedicated tutoring director on your team. Your director will thoughtfully match your child with a best-fit tutor, check in on progress, and make adjustments when necessary. They can also direct you to additional resources and service providers to round out your homeschool program.

Comprehensive Support

Nurturing Wisdom goes the extra mile to make sure families get the most out of their unique at-home learning experience. We’ll work closely with you to determine what’s best for your child.

  • Academic Subjects: Some students need extra help with a particular area that you’re not well-versed in (geometry anyone?). Not only are our tutors subject experts, but also they know how to fine-tune instruction to your child’s learning style. When teaching is customized, students learn more deeply and more quickly.
  • Executive Functioning: The looser structure of at-home learning leaves some kids struggling to stay organized, keep up, turn in work on time (or at all), and effectively study for tests. They may also be unsure of how to ask for help. A tutor will help your child determine which strategies and techniques work best for them, and make sure they learn them to independence.
  • Parent-Child Dynamic: A common but often overlooked obstacle with school-at-home is the emotion involved with parents and children teaching and learning together. Frustration comes easily, impatience is a state of being, and doubt around ability (for them and you) moves in. The objective nature of a tutor can keep things moving—and keep the peace!
  • Flexibility: Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring is a natural fit with homeschooling and e-learning. We’ll help you determine what will be best for session length and frequency, and we can adjust along the way as needed. Depending on the school schedule, tutoring sessions can be during the day or in the evening, weekdays, or weekends. We can also make changes to the subject(s) being tutored as your child’s needs evolve.

Even if you're uncertain about the assistance your child needs to thrive, give us a call. We can help you pinpoint areas of need and make recommendations!

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