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Grad School Entrance Tests

Grad school entrance tests can stress out even the most confident student! Even though standardized tests are nothing new to you, it’s likely been a while since you last had to tackle one. With targeted instruction from us and dedicated work from you, excellent scores are a reality.

We tutor for the GRE and GMAT, but give us a call if you need to prep for a different test. We might be able to help out!

Our one-to-one tutoring is comprehensive and customized, focused on test-taking strategies, academic skills, pacing, and overcoming test anxiety. Give us a call to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions about Grad School Entrance Tests

Which grad school entrance tests do you prepare students for?

We’ve had great success preparing students for the GRE (for admission to grad school, as well as some MBA programs and law schools), and the GMAT (for admission to MBA programs).

Why Nurturing Wisdom?

We know this test is not the only thing on your plate right now, so we’ll maximize your time with targeted lessons and convenient sessions that match your schedule and location preferences. You’ll be matched with a tutor who will get to know you and your learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Your Nurturing Wisdom support system will also include a tutoring director, who will put together an optimal timeline and answer any questions you have along the way.

How do I get started?

All of our test prep students start by taking a diagnostic pre-test and doing a phone consultation with a tutoring director. After the pre-test is complete, we'll put together a tutoring plan outlining how much tutoring we recommend, a goal score, and which test dates we recommend preparing for.

When should I start preparing for the test?

It depends on your pre-test scores and goals. We recommend starting about four months before the test date, but we can help you make gains in less time if necessary. Give us a call to talk about your specific needs and timeline!

I don't live in the Chicagoland area. Can you still tutor me?

Yes! Our tutors are able to meet online, so geography is not a deal-breaker! In fact, because the GRE and GMAT are administered online, online tutoring is actually a really good fit for this kind of test prep. Contact us to learn more!