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Four Reasons We’re Excited about the New July ACT!

For years a big wish at Nurturing Wisdom has been that students could take the ACT in the summer. Wish granted! In 2018, for the first time ACT will offer the test in July – specifically, July 14*. While it won’t be the best fit for every student, many will benefit from this summer date. Why was this at the top of our “If only…” list?

1. Seniors won’t have to wait until September. For rising seniors who have already taken the test but want to try again to reach (or surpass) their goal score, it’s great to get another go before the school year starts. Wrapping up with the ACT over the summer frees up time to concentrate on their college applications and essays – and enjoy their last year of high school!

For those who haven’t yet taken the test, the July date gives them a little more breathing room. We see a lot of seniors putting all of their efforts toward the September test, and then panic when they don’t meet their goal score. The additional summer date will take some of the pressure off.

2. Juniors can move up their testing timeline. Students who will be exceptionally busy once school starts may prefer to take the ACT earlier so that they can put their energy toward their GPA and extracurriculars during the school year.

For students considering this option, taking a pre-test in May of sophomore year is important for a couple of reasons. First, students set on taking the July test need to start preparing now, and the pre-test will help them focus their practice. Second, sometimes the pre-test will show a need for more intense skill-building in reading or math. If this is the case, students should use the summer to build up a strong foundation of skills rather than taking the test too early.

3. It makes June less stressful. The June test is tough because it comes at the tail end of the school year, right around finals, when students aren’t in the ideal headspace to do their best work. Waiting until July gives them time to take a break, refresh, and fit in some more prep if needed.

4. It allows distraction-free test prep. Away from the demands of the school year, students can truly focus on test prep. We know that scores jump when students meet regularly with a tutor, complete independent work between sessions, and take practice tests. When that prep isn’t competing for time with school-related work, students are able to really dig in and make connections.  

Not sure if the July date makes sense for you? Give us a call, and we’ll help you decide!

*In 2018, the July date will not be offered in California and New York.