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The Book Whisperer

The Book WhispererRecently, several of us at Nurturing Wisdom read The Book Whisperer and found it very encouraging!  We believe that every student can become a life-long reader, and Donalyn Miller explains how to inspire even the most reluctant children.  In order to become life-long readers, kids must learn to identify what kinds of books they enjoy and participate in meaningful and authentic book discussions with other readers. In addition, Miller explains that students need to see adults and other students enjoying books, as well as struggling over confusing passages.  As evidence of her terrific ability, each of Ms. Miller’s students reads over sixty books during the course of a school year, and many of them read far more than that.  If you have a child who doesn’t read for pleasure, we highly recommend reading The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.  It may change how both you and your child look at books!

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