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Executive Functioning Workshops

If your middle or high schooler is having a tough time keeping their school materials organized, turning in work on time, and effectively preparing for tests, our executive functioning workshop can help them take control!

“The executive functioning workshop offered by Nurturing Wisdom was a wonderful experience. Both students and parents learned so much from the information and hands-on experiences offered in the workshop. The feedback we received was amazing, and we look forward to offering this great opportunity to our school community again."

- Angelika Rupp, Counselor, St. Francis High School

Why Host a Workshop

Sure, you can read about executive functioning and give your child about some strategies, but that's just not enough for most students to make lasting changes. Our interactive workshop, on the other hand, will have your child utilizing strategies right then and there! At our thoughtfully laid out workshop, our expert instructors will teach you and your child about the different executive functioning skills and then give you time to practice concrete strategies with your real school materials. This supported, hands-on experience will help your child see the value of practicing these skills and will give you ways to help them stick. Not to mention, these workshops are a lot of fun!

Please note that we only do Executive Functioning Workshops in the Chicagoland area.

Workshop Overview

Our workshops are ideal for students in grades 6-12, and we can customize them to meet the needs of your school or group! We can include any of the following topics:

  • Executive functioning overview
  • Organization
  • Study skills
  • Homework routines
  • Time management
  • Note taking

Why Nurturing Wisdom

Since 2005, Nurturing Wisdom has specialized in helping students develop strong executive functioning skills. Our expert presenters are experienced teachers and tutors who have seen firsthand how these skills (and the lack thereof) impact students' work at school and at home. This perspective has enabled them to create a workshop that results in follow through and independence in both settings.