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October 1, 2012
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Customized Tutoring Plans

Screen_shot_2012_04_09_at_2.16.35_PMWhen we meet with a student to set up tutoring, we frequently present a tutoring plan, which is customized to that specific student.  This plan is an excellent communication tool to keep the student, tutor, parents, and tutoring director on the same page and guide tutoring throughout the student’s program.

In the beginning, the tutoring plan is a great jumping off point for the student and tutor because it provides basic guidelines for each session. The tutor can then customize the elements in the plan even further to meet the specific needs of that student.  As tutoring progresses, the plan acts as a reminder of what the overall objectives are and helps both the student and the tutor work toward those objectives.

At Nurturing Wisdom, tutoring is more than just “homework help,” and the tutoring plan helps move the sessions beyond that homework-only zone. Referring to the tutoring plan, the tutor and student can break the larger goals into smaller ones and use a rolling rubric to track the student’s progress on each of these smaller goals. As each smaller goal is mastered, another is added to push his or her skills to the next level.

The tutoring plan is great for parents, too! It shows parents a menu of activities that will be carried out during a session, and it makes the goals that the parents and tutoring director initially discussed more concrete. Parents can also see specific assessment points in the plan. Our plans frequently include reading practice, which parents love to see since so many students need to build up their reading skills.

Tutoring directors value tutoring plans as well. When checking in with tutors and parents, they are able to ask specific questions about session work, assess how far the student has come, and advise on adjustments to the plan. Directors can use a tutoring plan to present options to prospective parents or to parents who are considering continued tutoring following a test prep program.

Above all else, the plan helps the tutor and the student stay connected and focused on the student’s needs. We try to include the tutor as much as possible in the creation of the plan, which in turn involves the student’s input. We also encourage the tutor to continually evaluate tutoring plans in order to determine if changes should be made. In fact, a tutoring plan can, and should, evolve along with the student’s learning needs.

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