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Customized Tutoring – A Glance

listIn our last post, we shared one way that Nurturing Wisdom tutors create moments when students love learning the most: by building rapport. One of our tutors, Lisa, shared another way she has helped a young student enjoy their sessions:

I tutor a first grader for reading. She would get easily frustrated with reading new books, and it was difficult to get her motivated about learning. Any time I introduced a new activity or transitioned to working on a different type of skill, she would be on the verge of tears because she felt she couldn’t do it. We spent quite a bit of time each session attempting the activities, not actually doing them.

So to help her get excited about learning, while still setting clear expectations, we started to make a to-do list at the beginning of each session. We make the list on a wipe-off sheet with bright pink paper – her favorite color. Each week, we create a “must do” list, and a “want to do” list, each with two to four items. All of the activities connect to her tutoring plan. When we finish an activity, I let her check it off the list. This really motivates her, and I find that this simple reward is effective because it focuses on the student’s accomplishment rather than the reward itself.

On any given week she finds some activities fun and others less fun, but the list keeps us moving, helping us to rotate through a variety of activities and skills. It’s a fun way to help the student recognize the expectations of the session and is a great motivational tool.

This is a great example of how our tutors customize their teaching with each student in order to help them achieve their goals. Learn more about our one-on-one tutoring here.