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Reading and Writing Program

Does your child’s feedback from teachers sound anything like this?

  • Needs to provide more detail in writing.
  • Work on essay structure.
  • Take more organized notes!
  • Should write more coherent or complex sentences.
  • Must work on staying focused and engaged while reading.

We work with many students who constantly get this type of feedback, but have no idea how to implement it. That’s understandable! In a busy class with 25+ students, most students don’t get the one-on-one attention they need to become stronger readers and writers.

These skills are ideal to learn in a one-on-one setting. Sentence structure, for example, is a skill that may seem rather abstract. We know, however, that sentence structure can be systematically broken down and taught like a series of formulas. In fact, when writing is presented more like a pattern or a math equation, some students find it much easier to do.

In our popular reading and writing tutoring program, we help students develop a firm grasp on the toughest skills to learn in a classroom setting, such as organizing writing, developing advanced sentence structures, reading actively, and responding thoroughly to text. This program can be customized for students in grades three through twelve, and is available during the school year and in the summer. During the school year, we can incorporate a student’s school writing assignments into tutoring.

This is one of the programs that our students love most. We’ve had students even request it for themselves after seeing a sibling do it! Whether your child could use some supplemental enrichment or needs real skill-building, we would love to help. Contact us to learn more!