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College Application Essays

A Nurturing Wisdom tutor can help your child craft college application essays that showcase their unique voice, personality, and talents.

Tutoring Overview

At Nurturing Wisdom, we have over a decade of experience helping students write captivating college application essays that help them get into their top-choice schools! Our tutoring focuses on helping students present their personality, talents, and values in a way that will make them stand out. We support students with all aspects of the essay writing process, from brainstorming and topic choice to polishing and revising.

Whether your child needs help with every essay from start to finish, or just a session or two to polish their pre-written essays, we're here to help!

Our Process

Depending on their needs, our students may work on:

  • Brainstorming and Topic Choice: For many students, getting started is the hardest part of the essay process! Our tutors will help your child choose experiences to write about and help them frame those experiences for colleges.
  • Revising Essays: The bulk of tutoring is spent revising a student's essays. We improve essays by homing in on purpose, adding rich detail, finding the student's voice and tone, using humor, and more!
  • Writing Tutoring: For students who are weak or reluctant writers, we can also offer tutoring on any writing skill, from grammar to sentence structure to paragraph organization.
  • School Research: Many colleges require supplemental essays that explain why a student wants to attend that school. Our tutors can guide students through their college research so that they're able to compose essays that capture precisely and personally what it is about the school that resonates with them.
  • Final Editing: Our final step of the essay writing process is to complete a detailed final edit to ensure that the essays are polished and free of grammar and punctuation errors.

The College Application Essay Process

New to the college application essay process? Here's what to expect:

  • Common Application Essay: Almost all students will apply to a school that uses the Common Application. The Common Application requires that students write one essay that goes to every school that is a member of the Common Application. As you can imagine, this essay is quite important and often the first one we focus on in tutoring! The Common Application essay prompt options largely remain the same from year to year. If revisions are made, the new prompts are typically released in the winter or spring, which means students can start working on this essay in the summer before their senior year.
  • Supplemental Essays: Many colleges also require supplemental essays or writing prompts specific to their school. These responses range from one sentence to full-length essays. Supplemental essay prompts are usually released in August or September.
  • College Specific Essays: Colleges that do not accept the Common Application frequently require one or more essays for admission to their school. These essay prompts are generally released in August or September.

A Team Approach

With a Nurturing Wisdom tutor, you get a whole team of people working to help your child be successful! From day one, your tutoring director will place your child with a tutor who they connect with. This is incredibly important for work on the college application essays, which can be highly personal. Each tutor is also supported by a coaching and curriculum team who, if requested, can regularly give additional feedback on your child's essays.

Amount of Tutoring

Since each student's needs are different depending on their writing ability and the number of essays their colleges require, we recommend different amounts of tutoring for each student. We've had students who needed only a bit of help revising meet for only two or three sessions. We've had other students who spent around eight sessions working on all aspects of writing two or three key essays. And we've had students who had a large number of supplemental essays meet for fifteen or more sessions.

When to Get Started

We're happy to work with students at any point on their essays! Many students begin working on their Common Application essay the summer before their senior year, and their supplemental essays in the late summer or early fall. To get started, contact us today!

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