Heather Roan Articles
March 21, 2013

Too Young for Executive Functioning?

As an educator who writes articles, gives lectures, and trains others on how to establish routines in the family, Amanda Vogel knows the importance of executive functioning skills. Below, she shares how […]
March 15, 2013

The “Mean Tutor” Strategy in Action

Sometimes our students unwittingly get in their own way and need help adjusting their mindset. Below, Kathryn explains how she effectively used the “mean tutor” strategy with one of her test prep […]
March 8, 2013

Speak Up!

One of Nurturing Wisdom’s values is “be candid, but nice.” Founder and president, Pari Schacht, likes to say, “If we rock the boat early, it won’t capsize later.” Basically, she means that […]
March 6, 2013

The Importance of Thoughtful Praise

Since reading Mindset by Carol Dweck many years ago, we talk often with our students and their parents about the importance of a growth mindset – the “belief that your basic qualities are […]
February 15, 2013

The Myth of Preference

We tutor many students each year for the ACT and SAT and frequently advise parents and students on how to get the best results while fitting test preparation into the student’s life.  […]
February 13, 2013

Customized Tutoring Plans

When we meet with a student to set up tutoring, we frequently present a tutoring plan, which is customized to that specific student.  This plan is an excellent communication tool to keep […]
January 25, 2013

Specific Strategies Make a Difference!

Melissa has helped several ACT students reach and surpass their goal scores through her thoughtful and tailored teaching of the Nurturing Wisdom ACT lessons. Below she shares what makes our approach unique: […]
January 12, 2013

Customized Tutoring – A Glance

In our last post, we shared one way that Nurturing Wisdom tutors create moments when students love learning the most: by building rapport. One of our tutors, Lisa, shared another way she has helped […]
November 13, 2012

Tutor To Coach: Pulling It All Together

When preparing for standardized tests, some students reach a point when, although they have learned a lot about the test, they still haven’t reached their goal score. Heather talks about what it’s […]
October 1, 2012

How Can I Help Support My Child’s Executive Functioning Tutoring?

We like to say that Executive Functioning is everything that it takes to succeed in school, besides the actual content that is taught at school.  Students in our executive functioning program learn […]