Amanda Vogel Articles
January 22, 2015

How to Study Smarter, Not Harder

We hear some version of this parent question quite often! Helping students set up effective study routines is our specialty. Question:  I am writing to you about my son Kyle, a sophomore. […]
December 18, 2014

Is My Teen Just Lazy? Diagnosing Motivation Problems

Show us a teenager who’s unmotivated about school, and we’ll show you a parent who’s desperate to ignite a sense of purpose. Motivation isn’t something that’s easy to teach or to force […]
October 8, 2013

Is Executive Functioning the Missing Link for Many Gifted Students?

Dean’s Story For parents of gifted students, the story of our student Dean may sound familiar. At three, Dean could correctly identify every Thomas the Tank Engine character that ever appeared on […]
August 13, 2012

Transitions: A Rite of Passage

Transitions, such as when children move up to a new school level, can be both exhilarating and anxiety-producing. Faced with making new friends, managing more homework, or just learning how to handle a locker, […]