September 16, 2013

Study Smarter, Not Harder!

When we begin working with new executive functioning students, we always tell them that one of our priimary goals is for them to learn how to study smarter, not harder. Sometimes the […]
August 29, 2013

Practice Tests: An Important Learning Experience

Practice tests are an essential part of test preparation. Time and time again, it’s the students who see their practice tests as learning opportunities who make the biggest scoring leaps by the end […]
August 26, 2013

Helping Kids Make a Smooth Transition

Alyssa Coburn, one of our co-owners and an expert tutor, has tutored many students during her career with Nurturing Wisdom. During this time, she has seen how helpful our tutoring programs can […]
August 19, 2013

The Right Match

Why are we so focused on finding the right match between tutor and student? It all started with Pari Schacht, Nurturing Wisdom’s founder (and now Founder and Head of School at Mission Montessori in […]
June 3, 2013

Success Beyond the Test

It’s not uncommon for students to be intimidated by standardized tests, especially when the content and format are unfamiliar. We actually take advantage of the intimidation factor and use it to boost […]
May 28, 2013

Junior Year Curriculum Myth Busting

In this post, Nurturing Wisdom founder Pari Schacht demystifies one of the most common myths about the ACT and SAT. I’m on a myth busting kick lately. In a previous post, I […]
May 24, 2013

The ACT Science Section: The Good News!

One of our tutors demystifies the ACT science section. Not as Hard as It Seems After working with many students to help them prepare for the ACT, I’ve found that students have […]