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Our Approach

We believe that the best learning experience is one that’s customized to your child’s unique profile. Whether they’re tutoring for reading, writing, math, or another subject area, we’ll help your child master challenging material, improve their grades, and build their confidence. Our optional diagnostic assessments assist us in meeting your child where they’re at, so please ask your director about them!

In addition to tailoring lessons based on learning style, goals, and personality, we consider the optimal session frequency for your child. For example, it might be effective for one child to meet once a week for an hour and a half, but another student does better with twice-weekly hour-long sessions. And once a child is working more independently, sessions can be scheduled as needed!

Individualized, one-to-one tutoring is a strong fit for students with learning differences like ADHD, autism, processing disorders, and specific learning disabilities. We also have experience supporting gifted and twice exceptional students.

  • Shannon, parent of a sophomore
    Our tutor started working with my 10th grader less than two weeks before his chemistry final. He was struggling, and we didn't realize how much until that point. She did two sessions with him and got him back on track, helping him quickly get up to speed on the critical information. We look forward to having our tutor continue to work with him in chemistry and geometry. Very grateful for her professionalism, subject matter expertise and flexibility.
    Shannon, parent of a sophomore
  • Susan, parent of 11th and 9th graders
    We’ve appreciated our tutor's input and guidance so much especially during these crazy times. He is invaluable! He interacts with both of our kids non-judgmentally so they can be honest in their approach to studies/mistakes made in managing classes. He has been a perfect fit for us as a family. I’m probably pretty high needs as a tutoring parent since I’m a teacher. I look at it from another angle and want to be sure we’re maximizing their high school experience. In short, our tutor is a tutoring rockstar!
    Susan, parent of 11th and 9th graders
  • Sarah, parent of high schoolers
    Our tutor has been a pleasure, and we appreciate his expertise in helping to prepare our son for the ACT. His calm demeanor is a welcome element in this otherwise stressful point in time. He's been highly responsive and supportive in everything from scheduling logistics to answering questions about test strategy and content. We value him so much that he's now working with our other high school student on geometry.
    Sarah, parent of high schoolers
  • Lori, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutor is very personable and real. My son relates to him beautifully. I hear them talking sports, joking and having fun together. He has given my son the confidence he needs to know he can do well. The sessions are well-paced. Our tutor never feels rushed or in a hurry to leave, which creates a very nice, laid back atmosphere. He is focused on Griffin and there for him.
    Lori, parent of an 11th grader
  • Mirjana, parent of a 7th grader
    He is the perfect tutor. He is knowledgeable and personable. He has the right approach to teaching a middle schooler, and my son responds well to his teaching style. He usually summarizes to me at the end of the lesson what my son and he worked on for that day. I cannot say enough positive things about our tutor. My son looks forward to tutoring with him, which speaks for itself : )
    Mirjana, parent of a 7th grader
  • Mary, parent of a 7th grader
    Our tutor was great! He was always very prompt and ready to get to work. My son enjoyed his tutoring sessions. He would engage my son, and I would hear laughter at some point during most sessions. He made schoolwork fun!
    Mary, parent of a 7th grader
  • Laura, parent of an 11th grader
    I find our tutor to be extremely professional, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, my son Michael enjoys working with her. He thinks she clearly explains the concepts being taught. Without judgment, she explains any errors he has made. He feels his reading skills have improved after working with her. Additionally, he has said she has explained confusing grammar rules better than any previous teacher. We are both very happy with our tutor.
    Laura, parent of an 11th grader
  • Michelle, parent of a 12th grader
    Our tutor was fabulous! He taught Kevin more about grammar, punctuation, and writing than at least his three years in junior high! He also is unbelievably patient with a fantastic sense of humor. He helped with both ACT prep as well as college essays. My son really enjoyed working with his tutor.
    Michelle, parent of a 12th grader
  • Janelle, parent of a freshman
    Our tutor is excellent! He is so patient and never gets frustrated. He is good at giving a big picture view as well as a closer understanding of concepts. He works with our son until he has a firm grasp on that concept before moving on. He is easy to work with and very accommodating.
    Janelle, parent of a freshman
  • Tenah, parent of an 8th grader
    You have helped my daughter in so many ways. Her confidence, grades, and test scores increased beyond our expectations, especially the test scores in only a couple of weeks. Thank you! Thank you so, so much! I have a happy, confident child entering high school.
    Tenah, parent of an 8th grader
  • Parent of an 8th grader
    I just told my husband last night what a great decision it was to have our son do summer writing tutoring with you and how much he gained. His writing teacher this year told me in conferences that she had her husband read our son’s first essay because of how great it was.
    Parent of an 8th grader