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About Us

Every parent has experienced that moment: you just want to take anything related to school and hand it off to someone else to take care of. That’s where Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring comes in!

We love learning

We match families with tutors who work 1:1 with students of all ages in their homes and online. Tutors customize instruction so that students can identify and achieve their goals, and along the way become curious, confident, and independent learners.

It’s always been about the kids

In 2005, Nurturing Wisdom founder Pari Schacht was working full-time as a history teacher on the North Shore of Chicago. She also tutored students after school. Pari experienced how powerful one-on-one tutoring was for her students and how rewarding it was for her. Ultimately, she decided to leave her teaching job to focus solely on tutoring. Nurturing Wisdom was born and has supported thousands of families in the years since!

Founded, owned, and run by women

In 2011, Pari moved to San Francisco, and Nurturing Wisdom began working with Bay Area families. As Pari’s two sons neared school age, she decided to turn her entrepreneurial focus to opening San Francisco’s first private Montessori elementary school . Wanting to keep Nurturing Wisdom’s ownership “in the family,” in 2016 she sold the company to long-time employees Alyssa Coburn, Erin Doyle, and Jeanne Rerucha. All three are former classroom teachers, and Jeanne and Alyssa are moms. With this background the trio brings a specific perspective to running a business and serving families.


Our administrative team is made up of education professionals, and that experience influences everything we do. We know that the process of learning is not one-size-fits-all, and it’s not a straight line from here to there. Learning - truly learning - takes time, and it doesn’t have a defined end. We want students to…

  • learn how to learn
  • become self-aware of their learning style
  • see mistakes as opportunities
  • celebrate the small achievements along the way to meeting their big goals

More than smart

We work with only the best tutors. Who are they? All college graduates, they are lawyers and actors, stay-at-home parents and scientists, teachers and grad school students. And they’re so much more than good at their subjects. Our tutors are masterful at breaking down concepts and processes, meeting students where they are. Just as important, they care about connecting with their students and helping them grow.

From our kind of town to the rest of the world

Three cheers for technology! Because of Zoom, Google Docs, and document cameras, we’re able to deliver the same services we provide to our in-person Chicagoland students to families everywhere from Arkansas to Hong Kong. We even tutored one eighth grader as she traveled around the world with her family!