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7th Grade Skill-Building for High School Admissions Tests

While seventh graders don’t need to start tutoring for specific tests yet, they should focus on building their math, reading, and grammar skills.

Building a Solid Foundation

Often when eighth graders begin test prep tutoring for high school admissions tests, they have to spend time reviewing fundamentals of reading, grammar, and math. The content on these tests is challenging, and students must have their basics down pat in order to do well. Having a solid academic foundation also helps with other aspects of the test like pacing and anxiety.

When kids can get a firm hold of the basics during seventh grade—before specific test prep tutoring—they’ll be in good shape to maximize their prep time. To help with that, we’ve created a program that can be customized to individual student’s needs!

Who could benefit from this program?

Seventh graders who…

  • will take high school admissions tests like the HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, CPS HSAT, or other high-stakes admissions tests
  • need to solidify foundational math and reading skills
  • want to improve their school performance
  • haven’t had much experience with standardized tests, or don't do as well as expected

What will my child get out of this tutoring?

We’ll tailor lessons so that your child targets areas for growth, learns at their own pace, and uses their strengths to excel. When they do that, they’ll...

  • bridge gaps from pandemic learning challenges
  • improve their math and reading fluency
  • solve math problems without a calculator (calculators are not allowed on these tests!)
  • be ready to tackle more advanced content on the test and in school
  • boost their test-taking confidence
  • understand how they learn best

What will my child work on during tutoring sessions?

During the customized 1:1 sessions, your child will…

  • complete math, reading, language, and vocabulary lessons that incorporate material from various standardized tests
  • work on content and strategies that match their needs
  • get a feel for the general format and question types of standardized tests
  • track their progress with their tutor’s guidance

How do we get started?

We offer several ways to get in touch with a tutoring director! They’ll have a conversation with you about your child’s needs and goals, and then share next steps. We offer an optional diagnostic pre-test that will give us a baseline and help us customize tutoring. Once your child is matched with a tutor, your director will check in regularly to make sure they’re on track to meet their goals.

Can you help us if we don't live in the Chicagoland area?

Yes! We love working one-on-one with students online to help them achieve their goals. Contact us to learn more!