Since 2005, we’ve matched students of all ages with tutors for customized 1:1 sessions. We want to help your child earn good grades, perform well on standardized tests, and stay on top of their work. Just as important, we also want them to truly enjoy learning, turn mistakes into opportunities to grow, and take ownership of their education! Learn more about what makes Nurturing Wisdom special here.

If you’re in Chicago or its suburbs, we can find a tutor to meet with your child at home or online. For everyone else around the world, we’ll connect you with a tutor for live online sessions. 

Get in touch with a tutoring director to learn more about how the Nurturing Wisdom team can support your child!

Our Process

Customization starts with your first conversation!

Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring
First, we learn about your child's goals, strengths, needs, school experience, and availability.
Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring
Then we match you with a best-fit tutor who will tailor instruction to your child's learning style!
Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring
One-on-one tutoring sessions take place in your home or online, on your schedule.
Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring
We'll check in regularly about your child's progress and your overall experience.
  • Nancy, parent of a 7th grader
    Our tutor has been immensely helpful to our son, strengthening his math skills. She is dedicated and always gives meaningful feedback and support. She is brilliant, just like the other tutors our family has worked with from Nurturing Wisdom. We are very happy with the service.
    Nancy, parent of a 7th grader
  • Shannon, parent of a sophomore
    Our tutor started working with my 10th grader less than two weeks before his chemistry final. He was struggling, and we didn't realize how much until that point. She did two sessions with him and got him back on track, helping him quickly get up to speed on the critical information. We look forward to having our tutor continue to work with him in chemistry and geometry. Very grateful for her professionalism, subject matter expertise and flexibility.
    Shannon, parent of a sophomore
  • Parent of an 8th grader
    We absolutely loved our tutor! She was a perfect match for our daughter. She was so calm and reassuring every single session and really put our daughter at ease. I really appreciate how you take the time to learn about each child’s learning style and personality. You’ve always made great matches for all three of my children!
    Parent of an 8th grader
  • Jennifer, parent of a 7th grader
    The company takes the stress away. I like the extra level of customer service and have recommended the agency to my friends and others.
    Jennifer, parent of a 7th grader
  • C.L., parent of an 8th grader
    Our tutor was just the best! She helped my son gain focus and confidence for taking all the high school placement exams, and that was a feat! She was always punctual, and really engaged with him to make the process of 'tutoring' feel less tedious for him. Can't say enough good things about her. Our tutoring director was thorough in her explanation of the company services, and she has been responsive whenever I have questions.
    C.L., parent of an 8th grader
  • Courtney, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutor has been wonderful. She tutored our daughter for her ACT and has been helping with college essays. Our daughter's ACT score went up 5 points, so we think she knows what she is doing! We have been SO happy that we came across Nurturing Wisdom. The emails we get are spot on, the services offered are extremely professional and applicable for our high schoolers, and we will not hesitate to engage with them as needed for our other two girls.
    Courtney, parent of an 11th grader
  • Katie, parent of a 4th grader
    We had a wonderful tutoring experience. Our tutor worked with our son, John, for most of the school year. It didn’t take long for them to form a nice working relationship that developed into a bond. He made progress with everything she presented to him. He was so eager to impress her that we’d hear him talking to himself as he fell asleep about the things they worked on. Clearly she motivated him and knew how to get the best from him. She was flexible with scheduling, prompt and worked hard to accommodate John’s specific challenges and needs.
    Katie, parent of a 4th grader
  • Melissa, parent of 11th graders
    We have used NW with our other three children so it was a no-brainer to reach out again to NW for our twins. You all teach them strategies for test taking, but it also teaches them to 'read between the lines' in life also. Whether it is current news or trying to get along with a roommate or colleague, these are important lessons.
    Melissa, parent of 11th graders
  • Lori, parent of an 11th grader
    Our tutor is very personable and real. My son relates to him beautifully. I hear them talking sports, joking and having fun together. He has given my son the confidence he needs to know he can do well. The sessions are well-paced. Our tutor never feels rushed or in a hurry to leave, which creates a very nice, laid back atmosphere. He is focused on Griffin and there for him.
    Lori, parent of an 11th grader
  • Marcy, parent of a 12th grader
    I have been so impressed with your company. Excellent communication and interactions with both the students and the parents. Tutoring is a huge investment for us, so I appreciate feeling like we got what we paid for!
    Marcy, parent of a 12th grader
  • Marybeth, parent of high schoolers
    Both of my young adult children really love their tutor. Not only is he a great tutor, he makes it fun and somehow even my teenage son enjoys meeting with him. He is responsive to our requests and very trustworthy. He has really become part of our family.
    Marybeth, parent of high schoolers
  • Donielle, parent of high schoolers
    Both my son, Matt, and daughter, Maggie, absolutely LOVE their tutor. We have had an amazing experience and we would (and have) recommended her to our friends. Our tutoring director is terrific! She sends reminders not just about tutoring but about the tests themselves. As a busy mom I love the fact that she reminds me about registering for a test or that the test is coming up!
    Donielle, parent of high schoolers
  • Jenni, parent of a 4th grader
    Our tutoring director has been wonderful to work with. She did a great job matching my daughter with her tutor. She was very on top of things whenever I had any issues or questions. I have been incredibly happy overall with the service Nurturing Wisdom has provided us and would definitely recommend this company to my friends.
    Jenni, parent of a 4th grader
  • Deanna, parent of an 8th grader
    We couldn't have been happier with our tutor! He is a remarkable young man who listened and cued in on Maximus' needs! He was definitely everything my son needed. I would recommend Nurturing Wisdom to all, and I will also use them for my daughter as well!
    Deanna, parent of an 8th grader
  • Mary, parent of a 7th grader
    Our tutor was great! He was always very prompt and ready to get to work. My son enjoyed his tutoring sessions. He would engage my son, and I would hear laughter at some point during most sessions. He made schoolwork fun!
    Mary, parent of a 7th grader
  • Laura, parent of an 11th grader
    I have enjoyed all of my conversations with our tutoring director. She has demonstrated a deep concern for the academic needs of my son. She has been very patient in all or our conversations, which have been lengthy at times. I found her to be very knowledgeable when discussing various academic issues and developing a tutoring plan.
    Laura, parent of an 11th grader