Our Administrative Team

A key part of our success is the amazing administrative team we have in place to support our students, families and tutors!

handsRegional Tutoring Directors

Our Regional Tutoring Directors help families get started with tutoring and provide support along the way. They’ll come to your house to complete an initial consultation before you begin tutoring, and will use that information to create a custom tutoring plan and match your child with a tutor who’s a great fit.

Your tutoring director will also remain in contact with you throughout tutoring to ensure your questions are answered and your child is making progress!

Tutoring Coaches

Our dedicated Tutoring Coaches work with our tutors to ensure they understand our curriculum and are providing the highest-level of tutoring to our students. Coaches also provide regular development opportunities for our tutors so they can keep growing and improving!

Recruiting Team

Our recruiting team is in charge of finding the very best tutors who can work with our students on test prep, academic tutoring across all subject areas and executive functioning skills. They’re always on the lookout for new talent and individuals who share our passion for quality education!

Management Team

Our management team oversees our tutoring curriculum, the services that we offer and the quality of our tutoring. They are also continually reflecting upon and streamlining our operations so our families can get the most from tutoring.

Everyone at Nurturing Wisdom is happy to help in any way that we can and to answer any questions that you have. Please click below to learn more about each of our team members!

Management Team

PariPari Schacht
Chicago: 312-260-7945 ex. 4
San Francisco: 415-963-9229 ex. 2

While teaching at New Trier High School, Pari found that she was able to give her students the highest caliber of education while working with them one-on-one and customizing to their needs. She has since grown her passion into an elite fleet of over 150 tutors who are chosen because of their ability to teach, nurture and relate to students. Pari originally founded Nurturing Wisdom in Chicago and has now expanded it to San Francisco. As the company grows, Pari remains dedicated to putting our students first, seeking the right match between tutor and student, and maintaining the highest standards in recruiting tutors.

AmandaAmanda Vogel
Vice President
Chicago: 312-260-7945 ex. 5
San Francisco: 415-963-9229 ex. 3

Amanda Vogel has spent four years in the classroom and seven years as a tutor doing what she's most passionate about: individualizing to the needs of every one of her students. With a master’s degree in special education and a passion for building both confidence and skills, Amanda is extremely excited to oversee Nurturing Wisdom's Vine Academy! Her vision and expertise are the foundations of Nurturing Wisdom's tutoring methodology and a large part of our student's growth and success.

AlyssaAlyssa Coburn
Director of Learning & Development 
312-260-7945 ex. 3

Alyssa is an experienced teacher and tutor with a master’s degree in education and years of experience in the classroom. She brings with her the unique experience of teaching in Australia, where she taught English and drama at an innovative school that specialized in integrated and project-based learning. Since textbooks are uncommon in Australia, Alyssa also had the opportunity to create materials and curriculum for all of her classes. At Nurturing Wisdom, Alyssa oversees curriculum development, and also tutors a variety of subjects, including high school entrance test prep, ACT/SAT, reading, math and writing.

JeanneJeanne Rerucha
Executive Director
312-260-7945 ex. 7

Jeanne has a bachelor's degree in special education and a master's degree as a reading specialist. Before working at Nurturing Wisdom, Jeanne spent eight years teaching special education and reading in the classroom, as well as serving as a professional development provider. Jeanne loves meeting new families and helping to create individualized tutoring plans to make each student successful. She works with Erin to oversee Nurturing Wisdom's tutoring directors to ensure the highest-quality experience for our families. When not working, Jeanne spends her time with her three little girls!

NW Headshots  014Erin Doyle
Executive Director
312-260-7945 ex. 6 

Erin holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in human development and learning. After 15 years in the classroom as an English language arts and special education teacher in Illinois and Massachusetts, Erin jumped at the opportunity to work with students, tutors and families! She is most gratified by figuring out students’ learning styles and helping tutors customize their approach with each student. Erin works with Jeanne to oversee Nurturing Wisdom's tutoring directors and to communicate with parents about their child’s history, current performance and goals for the future.

Tutoring Directors

CatherineCatherine Alexander
Tutoring Director in the City of Chicago
312-260-7945 ex. 110

Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Xavier University and a master’s degree in education from Marian. With two years of experience teaching middle and high school science, and three years of general tutoring experience with students from kindergarten through college, she decided to use her talents at Nurturing Wisdom to help ensure that students and tutors alike are having the most beneficial and rewarding experience possible. Catherine loves working with students to develop strategies and schedules to make the most of every minute of each tutoring session. At Nurturing Wisdom, Catherine works with Sarah to coordinate tutoring in Chicago.

Sarah Bracken
Tutoring Director in the City of Chicago
312-260-7945 ex. 108

Sarah is a passionate educator with a master's degree in clinical psychology. She has extensive experience tutoring with Nurturing Wisdom, specializing in test prep, reading and writing. Prior to working with Nurturing Wisdom, Sarah had the unique experience of working with teens and adults with mental health issues, which has honed her skills as an educator. Sarah has a passion for learning about her students individually and creating a positive learning experience! At Nurturing Wisdom, Sarah works with Catherine to coordinate tutoring in Chicago.

Jessica Lepore
Tutoring Director on the North Shore of Chicago 
312-260-7945 ex. 111 

Jessica Lepore is a creative educator with over 15 years of teaching experience in the City of Chicago and immediate suburbs. She has a bachelor's degree in Spanish language and literature, and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. Jessica enjoys finding new ways to help students learn and developing curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners. She has completed coursework in learning and behavior disorders to further help meet the needs of students. In her free time, Jessica enjoys baking, spending time with her family, and cheering on her children in their various athletic and artistic endeavors. At Nurturing Wisdom, Jessica coordinates tutoring on the North Shore of Chicago.

Sam Libretti
Tutoring Director in the Western Suburbs of Chicago
312.260.7945 ex. 107

Sam is an experienced educator with a master’s degree in education. In addition to working with Jessica and Colleen supervising tutoring in the Western Suburbs, he has been a Nurturing Wisdom tutor for everything from reading and writing to test prep and executive functioning. Prior to Nurturing Wisdom, Sam was an educational coordinator for adults with autism. Sam’s favorite part about being a tutoring director is helping our students make definitive progress.

Colleen McHugh 
Tutoring Director in the Western Suburbs of Chicago
312-260-7945 ex. 102

Colleen holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in educational leadership. With eight years of experience teaching high school mathematics and more than 10 years of tutoring experience, Colleen brings a passion for helping students appreciate their individual strengths and weaknesses. Her specialties include ACT prep, study skills and math support. Colleen appreciates the fact that the greatest success can be achieved when all parties - student, tutor and parents - work together. With a background in math, Colleen regularly collects data and makes data-driven decisions to ensure that she is using best practices with her students. She works with Jessica and Sam to oversee tutoring in the Western Suburbs.

Beth McMurphy 
Tutoring Director in the San Francisco Bay Area
415-963-9229 ex. 102

Beth has a degree in psychology from the University of San Francisco but was clearly destined for a career in education. As the daughter of a teacher, she was stubbornly opposed to becoming one herself, until she discovered the joy of helping someone achieve the “A-ha” moment. She has since found many avenues through which to share her love of teaching and mentoring young people. At Nurturing Wisdom, Beth has tutored math, writing, test prep and executive functioning, and she is excited to be matching families with tutors throughout the Bay Area.

Coaches, Curriculum & Testing

Kevin Barsaloux
Tutoring Coach
312-260-7945 ex. 120

Kevin received his bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame. He has a strong background in both language arts and mathematics and has taught in both one-on-one and classroom settings. Kevin has worked with a wide range of students, including working as a teaching assistant to college students and as a camp counselor with elementary school students. As a tutor, Kevin specializes in test prep, mathematics, writing and executive functioning. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of and passion for tutoring as a tutoring coach!

Tutoring Coach
312-260-7945 ex. 125

Nicole is a Nationally Board Certified teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. She worked in an international school where she taught the students of ambassadors from around the world. Nicole holds a master's degree in teaching and a bachelor's degree in social science secondary education. She enjoys tutoring students in test prep, executive functioning and any verbal subject. She believes Nurturing Wisdom has provided her with some of the best professional development of her career and is excited to share that with fellow tutors as a tutoring coach.

Meaghan Pachay 
Tutoring Coach 
312-260-7945 ex. 115

After graduating with her bachelor's degree in English from Kenyon College in 2013, Meaghan joined Nurturing Wisdom as a tutor. She has worked with students on ACT prep, and has helped them develop executive functioning and verbal skills. Meaghan is excited to join Nurturing Wisdom's team of coaches so she can use her tutoring experience to benefit tutors and students alike. She loves being a part of the moment when a student first understands something that’s challenged him or her. That spark of recognition and excitement about learning is what makes tutoring so fulfilling. 

Sarah PhillipsSarah Phillips
Tutoring Coach 
312-260-7945 ex. 117

Sarah is a graduate of Roosevelt University – Chicago College of Performing Arts. As a tutoring coach, she has enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm for tutoring and helping tutors learn more about Nurturing Wisdom’s curriculum. She is also an experienced tutor who has worked with students on executive functioning skills, and on preparing for high school and college entrance exams. Sarah has taught test prep for the Spanish AP Exam and has spent time abroad studying both Spanish and Italian. In addition to her tutoring, Sarah has a passion for vocal performance.

Megan Simon
Tutoring Coach in San Francisco
415-963-9229 ex. 103

Before joining Nurturing Wisdom, Megan studied Linguistics and Spanish at Goucher College. She is an experienced tutor who loves building strong one-on-one relationships with her students and their families. At Nurturing Wisdom, she has tutored writing, executive functioning, test prep and math. Megan is excited to mentor and collaborate with other tutors as a tutoring coach!

KarenKaren Russell
Test & Curriculum Coordinator
312-260-7945 ex. 109

Karen developed a passion for education and teaching at a very young age; she started volunteering as a peer tutor and mentor in middle school and never looked back! After graduating magna cum laude from Hope College with a bachelor’s degree in education, she spent two years teaching abroad through the Fulbright program before returning to teach in Chicago. As an avid reader and huge language geek, Karen has a special talent for improving her students’ reading, writing, and grammar skills. She also uses this expertise to help write and edit curriculum and publications with Nurturing Wisdom’s staff development team.

Brittany Santoro
Proctored Test Coordinator
312-260-7945 ex. 118

Brittany holds a bachelor's degree in speech-language pathology from Elmhurst College. She co-taught the independent study class at Nurturing Wisdom's Vine Academy in the 2013-2014 school year, and is montessori-certified in early childhood education. Brittany is passionate about encouraging the development and growth of students, and helps to coordinate all of Nurturing Wisdom's proctored testing, including registration, scheduling and training test administrators.

debDeborah Denby
Coaches Assistant
312-260-7945 ex. 123

Deborah has been passionate about learning and education for most of her life, and spent her college years studying physics, math and classical languages, leading physics study groups and lab sessions, and fixing everyone else's Unix code. She now applies her organizational skills and understanding of systems to keep Nurturing Wisdom's web-based services functioning properly, streamline processes for our coaches, and ensure that everyone gets what they need when they need it.


Recruiting & Communications

Jennifer Strausz
Director of Recruitment
312-260-7945 ex. 122

Jennifer Strausz graduated from the University of Michigan and obtained a post-graduate certificate in human resource management from DePaul University. She comes to Nurturing Wisdom with five years of experience recruiting some of the nation’s top educators to work with high school and middle school students in New York City. She is thrilled to be part of the Nurturing Wisdom team, staffing it with exceptional tutors and administrative team members as the company grows.

Julia Wollrab photoJulia Wollrab
Recruitment Coordinator
312-260-7945 ex. 116

Julia earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in latin american studies and a minor in art history from the University of Chicago. She spent two decades as a classical ballet and contemporary soloist with dance companies in Canada, Europe and Chicago. Julia joined Nurturing Wisdom in 2010 to help students achieve their potential in writing, mathematics and in standardized testing. She finds that her background in theater and dance allow her to apply a multifaceted approach to her work with students. Julia has also worked as a tutoring coach and as a Spanish and French teacher at Nurturing Wisdom’s Vine Academy.

Cat headshotCat Craft
Director of Marketing & Communications
312-260-7945 ex. 112

Cat is passionate about education and communications, and is very excited to combine these two interests in her role at Nurturing Wisdom. She graduated from DePaul University with a master’s degree in journalism, where she also studied marketing and public relations. She has more than five years of experience working in higher education and marketing, and is excited to use these skills to grow Nurturing Wisdom’s marketing, public relations and communication efforts. Cat is a voracious reader, a writer and a strong believer in lifelong learning. She is thrilled to support Nurturing Wisdom’s mission to help students get excited about learning!


Jim.VogelJim Vogel
312-260-7945 ex. 105

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Truman State University. He has more than 10 years of experience in accounting. At Nurturing Wisdom, Jim handles the bookkeeping and works with Katie Plemons to assist customers with billing inquiries.

KatieKatie Plemons
Billing Coordinator
312-260-7945 ex. 114

Katie has dual bachelor's degrees in marine science and Spanish from Eckerd College. After college, she decided to move to Chicago to pursue a career in education, and became a teaching intern at Nurturing Wisdom's Vine Academy. She now works full-time as an assistant and the billing coordinator for Nurturing Wisdom.

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