Why Nurturing Wisdom?

At Nurturing Wisdom, we focus on one goal: Helping your child.

From day one, you'll work with a director who will share their expertise and candidly answer your questions to guide you through our tutoring process. Your child's tutor will be equally invested in their success and will have a team of experts and curriculum supporting them every step of the way.

Our Process

At Nurturing Wisdom, we develop a customized tutoring plan for each of our students, allowing them to learn, grow, and achieve incredible results.

Customization starts with your first phone call!

We start with an in-depth consultation.
Then, we create a customized tutoring plan + find a great tutor!
Tutoring sessions take place in your home, on your schedule.
We'll check in regularly about your child's progress and your overall experience.
  • Our daughter's improvement on the ACT increased her scholarship money $4,000 per year! I am already "prepping" my high school freshman to expect ACT tutoring from Nurturing Wisdom! Your approach works!
    Parent of a 12th Grader
  • I want to let you know how you and your tutors changed the lives of my children. You were crucial in helping my daughter study for the ACT. Due to a chronic illness, she missed six weeks of school in her junior year and needed some extra help. She raised her ACT score from a 24 to a 30 and was able to get into her #1 college!
    Parent of a 11th Grader
  • Our tutor has demonstrated a clear command of the subject matter while establishing a connection with our son. Their connection enabled him to more readily grasp concepts and maximize his test results. She matched her teaching style and pace to our son’s learning style and pace.
    Parent of an 11th Grader
  • Clearly parents were thirsty for this topic. I appreciated having both theory and case studies presented as well as concrete suggestions for fostering the growth mindset in family life.
    Parent, Talk Attendee
  • I’m happy to be working with a company that really cares whether they’re helping students be successful as people, not just getting them A's.
    NW Tutor and Coach
  • Our son can't believe he got every math problem correct on the EXPLORE! We are very pleased because he was placed in all honors classes! Thanks for all your help.
    Parent of an 8th Grader
  • I just told my husband last night what a great decision it was to have our son do summer writing tutoring with you and how much he gained. His writing teacher this year told me in conferences that she had her husband read our son’s first essay because of how great it was.
    Parent of an 8th Grader
  • Being the ultimate “poor test taker,” the key word for our daughter regarding test prep was definitely “nurturing.” The emotional care her instructors exhibited on her behalf was beyond the call of duty. Our daughter’s instructors (who honestly became family friends!) excelled in confidence-building techniques.
    Parent of an 8th Grader
  • I've had a lot of jobs in education but none as rewarding as tutoring. You get to have a personal connection with students and families, and use the best of your skills to bring out the best in your students.
    NW Tutor

Sarah Silverman

Recruitment Coordinator

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Sarah received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and her master’s degree in philosophy from the University of California Santa Barbara. She is currently working on her dissertation for her PhD. Sarah loves teaching and was able to gain experience in the classroom as a teaching assistant and instructor while a graduate student. She is very excited to join the recruiting team and to be part of a company with such strong educational values and impressive methodology.

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